Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


EIHA reacts about CBD and hemp extracts

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) has submitted an official request to the Czech Republic to recognize natural hemp extracts with cannabinoids as traditional food. The notification from the Czech Ministry of Agriculture is the catalyst for this action. We reported about the severe market regulations the Czech Ministry offers for items containing CBD HERE.

Actions of EIHA

After the EU Council meeting, which deemed CBD to be a Novel Food, the Czech Ministry made its announcement. The EIHA acknowledges the legislation but regrets the exclusion of CBD and natural hemp extracts from the definition of traditional food. To influence the Czech Government’s decision in a more favorable way, the Association is in contact with the authorities. EIHA has also presented consumption evidence.

Thus, given their long-standing use in hemp food items over the years, the EIHA thinks that full spectrum hemp extracts containing natural quantities of CBD and other cannabinoids should be classified as traditional foods. Even the European Commission approved the use of hemp extracts as food in 1998.

EIHA & Czech Republic’s future for CBD and hemp extracts

In overall, the Czech Republic would simply restore the pre-2019 scenario. At that time the Novel Food Catalogue entry for Cannabis sativa L. was arbitrarily modified by designating natural extracts as traditional food. The EIHA is looking forward to a productive discussion with the Czech authorities in collaboration with the Czech hemp cluster (CzecHemp). It is in order to obtain the greatest results for customers and company owners.

Operators may not need pre-market permission for these products in the Czech Republic and, hopefully, in other EU Member States. If only we can expect EIHA’s efforts to secure the traditional status for natural hemp extracts.

As everyone is aware, EIHA serves as the voice of hemp farmers, producers, and merchants who deal with the plant’s fibers, seeds, leaves, oil, and cannabinoids. Their major responsibility is to represent, support, and defend the hemp industry in EU and global policymaking. In this instance, EIHA can assist with evaluation of the situation and work on appropriate laws.


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