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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Aldi Süd sells hemp amid Germany’s looming cannabis legalization

Aldi Süd sells hemp amid germany's looming cannabis legalization

A few days before the launch of Cannabis Clubs in Germany, the discount giant Aldi Süd today starts selling hemp for the first time in its more than 1000 stores. 

On Thursday, June 27, Aldi Süd will sell hemp for the first time. Just days before Cannabis Clubs launch in Germany, the discounter is including pseudo-hemp in its summer promotion. The plant and compostable pot will be available for 2.99 euros.

The initiative is spearheaded by the “Anbau Allianz für Deutschland,” a subsidiary of Cannovum Cannabis AG, and aims to advance the discussion on the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Germany. “We are proud to create a real measurable value for the legalization of cannabis with Cannovum Cannabis AG, Aldi-Süd, and the Anbau Allianz,” says Klaus Madzia, board member at Cannovum Cannabis, in an interview with FOCUS Online. “We are on the brink of the official start of cultivation by clubs and can already successfully demonstrate our competencies today.”

What you need to know about Aldi’s special plant

According to FOCUS Online, the products arrived in the discounter’s stores a few days ago. An Aldi store manager from the Munich area jokes, “I think many people will have many questions on Thursday.” However, despite the hemp hype, it is important to note: Unlike the similarly named cannabis plant, pseudo-hemp contains no intoxicating substances. The plant is an easy-to-care-for ornamental plant and is more suitable as garden decor. Owners need not worry about legal or health concerns.

From July 1, cannabis cultivation will be partially allowed

The partial legalization of cannabis on July 1 also permits the cultivation of cannabis in special clubs. However, strict rules apply. Numerous clubs have been established nationwide. They will be allowed to distribute cannabis to their members to meet their own needs. Experts in the field predict that these clubs might bring in up to 2.4 million euros a year.

Aldi’s sale of hemp: a clever move?

One could interpret Aldi Süd’s decision to start selling hemp as an intelligent reaction to Germany’s evolving legal environment. Aldi Süd capitalizes on the growing sector now. The giant places itself at the forefront of an important cultural and legal revolution by providing hemp plants. This action might promote the normalization and public acceptance of cannabis-related items. However, it will also open the door for later releases that might be more in line with prospective legal modifications.

Germany is about to enter a new era of cannabis law, therefore Aldi Süd’s decision to carry hemp plants is both sensible and forward-thinking. We will see if this will encourage other businesses to take similar action. But, one thing is certain: Aldi Süd is contributing to the growing discourse surrounding cannabis legalization.


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Aldi Süd sells hemp amid Germany’s looming cannabis legalization

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