Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cronos Group & Cansativa bring PEACE NATURALS® to Germany

Cronos Group & Cansativa bring PEACE NATURALS® to Germany

Cronos Group Inc., an international cannabis company traded on the stock market, and Cansativa GmbH, a key player in the German medical cannabis market, have joined forces in a supply agreement that will transform medical cannabis in Germany.

With this partnership, German patients in need of medical cannabis will be able to access the popular PEACE NATURALS® product range. On November 1, 2023, the first of these superior items were shipped to pharmacies. Two more will follow by the end of the month. Pharmacies can now use Cansativa’s online store to place pre orders.

Who the partners are?

The German brothers Benedikt and Jakob Sons founded the Cansativa Group in Frankfurt am Main in 2017. Since that time it has become a major player in the medical cannabis industry. Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) approved Cansativa in August 2020. Since that time, it is the leader in the distribution of medicinal cannabis cultivated in Germany and boasts as the largest platform for premium cannabis goods and brands. Cansativa currently provides pain therapy to about 300,000 people in Germany through a network of about 2000 pharmacies. The company has a strong emphasis on cannabis education. However they also possess the infrastructure, knowledge, and dedication necessary to import, store, licence, distribute, and brand cannabis in a safe manner. With its mission statement, “We enable Cannabis,” Cansativa hopes to lead the German cannabis market.

Cronos Group Inc., however, is a dynamic, international cannabis business that is committed to breaking new ground in the fields of cannabis technology, product development, and intellectual property innovation. It seeks to build an iconic brand portfolio and an exceptional customer experience. Among the many global brands that Cronos offers are Lord Jones®, PEACE NATURALS®, and Spinach®.

PEACE NATURALS® now in Germany

With this comeback to the German market, PEACE NATURALS® is filling a huge gap in the industry. Previously, they were available only occasionally. However, the goal of this alliance is to establish a long-term, consistent supply of these products in Germany.

PEACE NATURALS® product line available in Germany will consist of three varieties. Three of the available cannabis flowers will be: GMO Cookies, Cocoa Bomba, and Space Cake. Notably, Cronos has won awards in a number of cannabis product categories in Canada. They have also made significant investments in R&D. They were supporting tissue culture and genetic breeding initiatives that have yielded cultivars renowned for their consistency and quality. Along with its superior flower genetics and cultivar program, Cronos is home to top-tier R&D experts who have brought top-selling strains to the medical and adult-use cannabis markets. Patients can get important details from their doctor, their neighbourhood pharmacy, or any Cansativa partner pharmacy.

The comments about the collaboration

Benedikt Sons, Founder and CEO of Cansativa, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, 

“We are very happy to bring such a successful brand like PEACE NATURALS® back to Germany. Together with our partner Cronos, we want to ensure a reliable and consistent supply of these high-quality products for cannabis patients.”

Mike Gorenstein, Chairman and CEO of Cronos, shared his vision for PEACE NATURALS® in Germany, saying, 

“We intend to establish our PEACE NATURALS® brand as a top medical brand in Germany. We are proud to bring high-quality, medical cannabis to this market and look forward to establishing PEACE NATURALS® as a trusted brand in Germany.”


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