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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


The power of Twitter in Germany: #Weedmob trend

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The German Federal Constitutional Court’s decision around cannabis legalisation is still pending when summer officially begins on Wednesday, June 21. This important event was not overlooked, especially by the committed #Weedmob movement. 

Together, the #Weedmob community feels the power to influence the situation and draw attention to the delayed court judgement. Thus, they banded together and made the hashtag #Richtervorlagen trend on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. This hashtag’s meaning in German refers to the court documents.

They feel that they can and must succeed in getting the media’s attention and drawing notice to the existence of these #Richtervorlagen, which should have been managed long ago, even though a tweetstorm may not be able to influence the Federal Constitutional Court. Most essential, they wanted to show support for Judge Mueller because the #Richtervorlagen case is very close to him.

Cannabis case awareness in Germany

As stated, the trend shows support firstly for Judge Mueller. Activists want to provide him some comfort by using social media and demonstrate appreciation to his significant work.

Moreover, as activists say, the postponed decision from the Federal Constitutional Court regarding the #Richtervorlagen is an issue of public interest. The general public must be aware of the consequences and importance of this problem. The media is a key factor in influencing public opinion and decision-makers. They want to make sure that the media pays attention to and emphasises this issue. The public will be kept informed of and interested in developing legal issues thanks to this team effort.

In the world of social media activism, hashtags have developed into powerful tools. In this instance, #Weedmob saw significant growth in popularity on German Twitter. By promoting #Richtervorlagen, they may express concerns and ask the Federal Constitutional Court to take action by speaking with one voice.

The Twitter’s activity impact

Social media involvement for a cause has the ability to start discussions and have a ripple effect. Making the hashtag “#Richtervorlagen” popular can help to spread awareness of the problem and force more people to demand responsibility. The power of social media comes in its capacity to cross boundaries and connect with people from diverse backgrounds. But finally, by uniting, activists want to mobilise the Federal Constitutional Court to address the pending judgement and grant the “judge submissions” the justice they want.


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