Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Financing in medical cannabis sector: Dalgety, UK

In Castle Donington, the UK, Dalgety produces and distributes medical cannabis. With the intention of generating 50 new jobs, it recently announced its second round of financing

What is Dalgety?

Dalgety, founded in 2016, consists of experienced professionals from the North American cannabis market and the board with expertise in UK farming, government procurement, and drug enforcement. The company’s Castle Donington facility has already started producing medical cannabis.

To aid patients, Dalgety seeks to offer high-quality, GMP-approved cannabis products. The expansion of their team in several areas will be supported by a second round of investment. These include money, quality and regulation, and the creation of pharmaceuticals. Additionally, it will protect indoor farming. Over the following two years, it intends to add at least 50 new jobs. In addition, Dalgety wants to offer internships and work on research projects with universities. 

Dalgety & medical cannabis financing

The Dalgety has just received authorization from the UK Home Office to start producing and selling medical cannabis on a commercial scale. Dalgety claims that there is an increase in demand for medical cannabis in the UK.

The most recent parliamentary debate on the subject serves as confirmation. The MP for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale, and Tweeddale, David Mundell, emphasised the sector’s potential effects. He mentioned a potential contribution of £1 billion and the development of 100,000 new employment to the UK economy. 

Dalgety’s chief operating officer, James Leavesley, confirmed the company’s commitment to enter this growing industry. Dalgety holds an influential place in the sector. It is because their licence was approved and the first crop is now growing in their cutting-edge facility. Leavesley also referred to the promising debates among MPs about the availability of medical cannabis and its potential to boost the UK economy. 

Furthermore, Leavesley emphasised that joining Dalgety presents a unique opportunity for investors to be at the top of the market and potentially make an important impact on the lives of people suffering from chronic pain. He showed an interest in talking to investors who are knowledgeable about early-stage startups and are aware of the potential for the sector to see rapid development and rising share values.


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