Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Rousseau about cannabis legalisation in France

Part of conversation of between Sandrine Rousseau and Laurent Neumann on the “Face-à-Face” program that aired on BFMTV and RMC.


Rousseau stated that the legalisation of cannabis could provide better control over its usage in France. This Friday, May 26, 2023, Sandrine Rousseau, an EELV deputy from Paris, was greeted by Laurent Neumann on the “Face-à-Face” program that aired on BFMTV and RMC. The deputy promoted the idea for a public health strategy that accepts legal cannabis use in France.

What is the point of cannabis legalisation discussion?

Rousseau states that regulating legal cannabis use in France can be more successful than prohibiting it. The government can develop steps to promote safer usage and reduce associated risks. They can do it by legalising and setting in place a solid regulatory system indeed. Additionally, this strategy offers a chance to refocus efforts on programs for education, prevention, and treatment.

The EELV deputy stated it’s crucial to accept cannabis use as a fact of life in society in France. She supports an open discussion that acknowledges cannabis use exists. She promotes concentrating on practical solutions. Policymakers in France can deal with the difficulties and possible advantages of legal cannabis in a responsible and informed way by facing the problem.

France is dealing with uncontrolled HHC use now. Substances such as HHC, in not standardised conditions, can be unsafe, which France’s government has been flagged by. However, this is another example that controlled access and high quality of the products can increase safety of people.

Is France considering cannabis legalisation?

The idea put forward by Rousseau fits in with the expanding global trend  toward the legalisation and regulation of cannabis. Countries in Europe, such as Malta, Czech Republic or Germany have already taken steps in this direction. They want to reduce the influence of the black market, generate revenue from taxes, and protect public health. 

Thus, by taking inspiration from effective global models, France may think of cannabis legalisation. When setting new laws into place, it is essential to take lessons from other countries’ experiences.

Of course, the discussion related to the legalisation of cannabis is complex. With Sandrine Rousseau’s presence on “Face-à-Face,” there was a chance to consider the advantages of legalising cannabis use. Future decisions regarding cannabis in France must continue to be based on evidence-based research, public opinion, and the experiences.


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