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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Luxembourg legalises cultivation and consumption of cannabis

luxembourg legalises cannabis recreational legalisation bill

Luxembourg has made headlines once again as it now legalises cannabis use and cultivation inside of one’s house. Such an approach has received the formal approval of the country’s deputies in a historic vote. The long-awaited measure will finally take effect the following week, a historic turning point in Luxembourg’s approach to the regulation of drugs. 

Cannabis voting in Luxembourg

The approval of bill 8033 marks a fundamental shift in how the country views marijuana. There were 38 deputies voting in favour and 22 voting against. The parties DP, LSAP, Déi Gréng, Déi Lénk, and ADR had previously endorsed the legislation and agreed that it was important to consider alternate methods of drug control.

Sam Tanson is a Minister of Justice and member of the Déi Gréng party. She spoke strongly about the drawbacks of restrictive drug laws and underlined the significance of creating a new path. She referred to the existing policy as “an absolute failure”. Moreover, she argued in favour of a solution-focused approach that deals with the underlying causes of drug-related problems.

The bill’s supporters say that its goal is to fight drug-related crimes and eliminate the black market for cannabis rather than reduce or promote cannabis usage. A Déi Gréng party member named Josée Lorsché underlined the need to fight the selling of cannabis on the black market. She pointed out that controlled cultivation can help in lowering illegal activity. However, it would also guarantee the availability of better-quality, safer products for consumers.

Details of the new approach

There are both laws and limitations coming from the new bill. Individuals in Luxembourg will be able for cultivation up to four cannabis plants in their houses or other regular residences. To guarantee appropriate use, there are various limitations in place. For example, cannabis plants must be raised from seeds and kept hidden from view. Thus, balcony or windowsill pots are not permitted. It is crucial to remember that participation of children in cannabis-related activities is expressly prohibited by law.

Bill 8033 establishes penalties for unlawful possession and consumption of cannabis in addition to home growing. Fines will be imposed on anybody caught using cannabis or items derived from it outside of their homes. They will be ranging from €25 to €500. Similar penalties apply to the possession, transit, or purchase of up to three grams of recreational cannabis. For anyone discovered with bigger amounts, the penalties are more severe. There can be possible jail terms ranging from eight days to six months and fines from €251 to €2,500.

The decision of Luxembourg to allow cannabis cultivation and use at home is a reflection of the global trend toward more liberal drug laws. Luxembourg is taking the lead in redefining drug regulation by admitting the drawbacks of previous strategies and adopting alternative ones. In addition to addressing the faults of forceful strategies, the action attempts to make cannabis users’ environment safer and more regulated. The important decision in Luxembourg which legalises cannabis gives the world hope for a more rational approach to drug control.


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