Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


How the German Cannabis Association (DHV) can help in legalisation process?

Deutscher Hanfverband can play a significant role in current cannabis law changes in Germany – how the country can use knowledge of German Cannabis Association now? How the country can learn from its experts? Let’s look at this case.

DHV history

First of all, we will have a quick look at the history of the German Cannabis Association. As its website stated, it is a non-profit organisation from Berlin. It started working in 2002 thanks to Georg Wurth and Stefan Gauer. Currently GCA  advocates for the legalisation of cannabis for medical, industrial, and recreational use.

Georg Wurth and Stefan Gauer have been active in cannabis activism for many years. Together, they have been instrumental in establishing the DHV as a leading voice for cannabis legalisation in Germany.

The German Cannabis Association’s goal

The organisation’s mission is to promote cannabis as a useful plant. They recommend cannabis for a variety of purposes. The German Cannabis Association also works to educate the public and policymakers about the benefits of cannabis and to dispel myths and stereotypes surrounding the plant. The organisation advocates for the regulation and taxation of cannabis. They say that legalisation would reduce the side effects of prohibition, such as the criminalisation of cannabis users and the black market for cannabis. It also supports the use of cannabis for medical purposes and lobbies for greater access to medical cannabis for patients. 

And, as we may see now, DHV could play a significant role in current cannabis law changes in Germany. One way in which the DHV has influenced the legalisation process is by organising and participating in protests. DHV raised awareness about the benefits of cannabis and the need for legalisation. Moreover, the German Cannabis Association has been a part of several initiatives related to cannabis legalisation in Germany. 

How Germany can benefit from DHV?

The DHV has, among others, lobbied politicians and policymakers to support legalisation. It has provided scientific and medical evidence to support their arguments. In addition, the DHV has been involved in drafting proposals for legalizing cannabis in Germany, and has worked with other organizations to develop a comprehensive framework for regulating cannabis production, distribution, and use.

From the German government’s perspective, engaging with experts in cannabis industry can provide valuable insights. They can help inform regulations and policies related to legalisation. Additionally, the experts can provide support in creating a regulatory framework. They can advise on aspects such as licensing, quality control, labelling and advertising restrictions. 

Collaboration with experts through conferences, research, advisory panels, and public consultations can ensure that Germany benefits from the collective knowledge and experiences of professionals in the field of cannabis legalisation.


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