Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis tampon startup 

What does Daye do?

Tampon infused with CBD oil have just been introduced in Europe by the cannabis startup Daye, which was created by women. A company called Daye specializes in developing cutting-edge cannabis-infused goods for the wellness of women. The European-based business wants to provide all-natural, secure, and practical remedies fofr menstruation pain and discomfort. High-quality hemp extract and toxic-free materials create Daye’s goods. The company’s goal is to use cannabis-infused goods to inform and inspire women to take charge of their health. Daye is dedicated to making a good difference in the cannabis sector in Europe. All with an eye toward sustainable and ecologically responsible practices.

Valentina Milanova, who saw the opportunity for CBD to revolutionize the menstrual care sector, launched the business. The goal of Milanova’s vision for Daye is to build a company that prioritizes women’s health. Moreover it should offer safe, efficient treatments for menstruation pain and discomfort. The clientele of the business, which is quickly expanding, is the European women. Potentially they are ready to experiment with a novel and the all approach of period care.

Innovative tampon with CBD by Daye startup

Firstly, this ground-breaking product aims to provide menstruation people with a natural alternative to established pain management techniques. The tampons are made to target the pelvic area and relieve the discomfort and inflammation associated with menstruation. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component included in cannabis that has therapeutic qualities, is in Daye startup unique tampon. The tampons lessen discomfort and agony associated with menstruation as well as swelling and stress.

Daye’s tampons are a healthy and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional tampons. They are made of organic cotton and contain no harmful chemicals. In overall, the business has received recognition for its cutting-edge strategy for women’s health and its initiatives to de-stigmatize cannabis use in medicine.

Future of Daye in Europe

In conclusion, Daye is a revolutionary cannabis startup that is changing the way we see period care. It is a leader in the health and wellness sector thanks to its usage of CBD. This is a potent natural pain reliever in place of conventional medications, as well as its dedication to sustainability and organic products. The company will likely have a huge impact on women’s health. It will also influence the cannabis industry as a whole as it develops and expands its presence across Europe.

Finally, Daye plans to expand its operations in Europe. Daye wants to make its goods available to women in the area due to the rising approval of cannabis use for medical purposes worldwide and its appeal among consumers. With its innovative use of cannabis infusion in its tampons and other products, the company has attracted attention, and it hopes to take advantage of this enthusiasm to grow its market in Europe. Generally, Daye plays a significant role in the European cannabis market with a focus on empowering women through cutting-edge healthcare solutions.


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