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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Is cannabis legal in Poland?

Adult-use, commonly known as recreational cannabis, is currently illegal in Poland. Adult-use cannabis decriminalisation is limited, and its further development is questionable.

Polish legislation does not generally allow the growing of cannabis that contains more than 0.3% THC in flowering or fruiting tops of plants from which the resin has not been removed (Non-Fibrous Cannabis). The level of THC has been increased on 7 May 2022 – until this date it was set at 0,2%. In accordance with these legislative changes, research institutes will be allowed to grow Non-Fibrous Cannabis in order to obtain raw material for the preparation of prescription drugs (provided that such a research institute has obtained a permit issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector “CPI”). Moreover, scientific entities may grow Non-Fibrous Cannabis for scientific purposes after obtaining a permit from the CPI. It is also possible to import and sell such cannabis for medical use as a pharmaceutical raw material intended for preparing prescription drugs. Non-Fibrous Cannabis herb, tinctures, resin and other extracts may constitute a pharmaceutical raw material after obtaining a marketing authorisation.