Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Innovative cannabis tourism: CBD ice cream and B&B

Innovative cannabis tourism: CBD ice cream and B&B

Worldwide, cannabis and CBD products have experienced growth in popularity, as well as cannabis tourism. However, people may be surprised about innnovative ideas which help to develop cannabis industry.

CBD ice cream idea

CBD has potent anti-inflammatory, calming, and pain-relieving medicinal properties. Thus, this substance might help to treat a range of medical diseases. It’s not surprising that foods and drinks with CBD infusions are gaining popularity. We’re discussing CBD-infused cosmetics, teas, and even more creative choices like snacks and alcoholic beverages.

However, now happy may be also ice cream enthusiasts and CBD fanatics. This is thanks to the inauguration of Cannabis Gelato, an ice cream shop in the centre of Madrid. It is the first of its kind in Europe and offers all-natural, gluten-free ice cream with hemp as the star ingredient.

In Cannabis Gelato, people may try CBD ice cream in a variety of flavours. These include chocolate, strawberry, and yoghurt, each of which was inspired by a different hemp strain.

There are also additional CBD goods available here in addition to ice cream, such as pancakes, cupcakes, cookies, lollipops, chocolate, chocolates, tea, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Bud & Breakfast

It is another example, which represents a creating concept in the field of cannabis tourism. Travellers may enjoy a distinctive and immersive experience thanks to Bud & Breakfast, which combines lodging with cannabis-friendly services. This innovative form of hospitality serves a rising market of travellers looking for locations where they can pleasantly and legally consume cannabis.

Accomodations available at Bud & Breakfast, are present in regions and countries where cannabis consumption is legal. Thus, this option offers guests a safe and welcoming environment for smoking responsibly. These lodgings, which range from charming lodges in cannabis-friendly countries like Canada and the Netherlands to cosy cabins tucked away in cannabis-friendly states in the United States, provide a starting point for discovering the world of legal cannabis use while taking pleasure in the comfort and company of like-minded travellers.

Bud & Breakfast is a prime example of how cannabis tourism has developed. It gives enthusiasts a customised, welcoming experience that they won’t get from other accomodations in the conventional hospitality sector.

Cannabis and tourism

In many countries and states where cannabis and surely CBD are legal, there has been an increase in tourism associated with the industry. For instance, Amsterdam, which is renowned for its “coffee shops,” has long attracted cannabis enthusiasts. Travellers curious about the cannabis plant’s cultural and economic impacts have led to an increase in cannabis-related tourism in states like Colorado and California in the United States. Furthermore, given that Amsterdam wishes to stop participating in the cannabis tourist trend, many believe Bangkok will follow in Amsterdam’s footsteps.

Thus, cannabis tourism and innovative thinking are both contributing to the cannabis industry’s phenomenal rise. The introduction of CBD ice cream is a great example of how cannabis can be present in everyday life. As the global cannabis market expands, we may anticipate more innovative but delightful products and experiences, making cannabis not only a cultural and economic force.


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