Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


What is Sensi Seeds?

Sensi Seeds is a recognized cannabis breeding and seed bank. Ben Dronkers, a pioneer in the cannabis market, started it in 1985. The Netherlands-based Sensi Seeds has played a significant role in the advancement and preservation of cannabis genetics. 

Who is Sensi Seeds?

With more than 500 different strains of cannabis genetics available, Sensi Seeds has expanded to become the biggest cannabis seed bank in the world. It has a wide selection of cannabis strains, which includes both traditional and contemporary variations. Sensi Seeds has concentrated on developing cannabis strains with desirable qualities including potency, flavour, and aroma through breeding high-quality cannabis genetics. They offer a large selection of cannabis seeds, including standard, feminised, and autoflowering varieties. Even the Dutch government picked their genetics to create pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for medical use.

Sensi Seeds’ history

The business has actively worked to increase public awareness of cannabis and to promote both its medical and commercial uses. They established Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, the world’s first cannabis museum, in 1985 and has since welcomed over two million visitors. The museums are in Barcelona and Amsterdam. These institutions offer an extensive look of the background, customs, and applications of cannabis and hemp. They seek to raise the general public’s understanding of the plant’s various uses while highlighting its historical importance.

They also organise the Cannabis Culture Awards to honour those who have promoted the legalisation of cannabis. Sensi has contributed significantly to the advancement of cannabis education and research. They have taken a leading role in campaigns to support the decriminalisation of cannabis and advance its medical applications. The business has also advanced knowledge of cannabis through publications and partnerships with academics and industry leaders.

Working with well-known campaigners like Howard Marks and Jack Herer has helped Sensi Seeds secure their position in the market. The business established its sister business, HempFlax, which concentrates on the hemp sector, in 1993. Innovative equipment and processing methods for hemp growth have been developed by HempFlax and are now widely used by top manufacturers across a number of industries.

The company wants to stay at the forefront of these improvements as attitudes toward cannabis change and legalisation spreads internationally. They are dedicated to staying active in the sector and promoting cannabis’ potential for use in industrial, dietary, and medicinal applications. Sensi Seeds has developed a reputation for its dedication to quality and knowledge over the years. 


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