Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


ICBC Berlin: connecting the world of the cannabis industry

ICBC Berlin poster

ICBC Berlin stands as Europe’s premier cannabis business networking event, boasting the title of the continent’s longest-running and largest B2B trade show and conference. With over 80 countries represented, 350+ sponsors and exhibitors, and 5000+ attendees, ICBC Berlin has become the hub for international collaboration and business growth within the cannabis industry.

With Alex Rogers, CEO & Executive Producer of ICBC, we decided to speak more about the event’s background and future. In this article, we delve into the event’s origin, its impact on businesses, the role of industry speakers, success stories, challenges faced by the cannabis industry, and what sets ICBC Berlin apart.

The genesis of ICBC Berlin

ICBC Berlin was born out of the need for an international conference that could represent the rapidly evolving cannabis industry on a global scale. Despite initial scepticism, the founders envisioned a future where countries and states could engage in cannabis-related businesses. Today, ICBC Berlin serves as a testament to the industry’s growth, with over 80 countries participating in the event.

Moreover, ICBC Berlin provides a unique platform for businesses to promote their products and services internationally. By bringing together industry leaders from around the world, the event facilitates annual meetings, saving participants valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent travelling to meet partners and clients. As Alex Rogers says, the networking opportunities of ICBC Berlin are one of the most valuable aspects according to attendees.

Industry speakers and education

It is impossible to quantify the importance of industry speakers at ICBC Berlin. The event attracts top thought leaders, regulators, administrators, and C-suite executives from across the globe. Education emerges as a crucial element, with attendees gaining insights from experts shaping the cannabis landscape.

We asked if there are any specific collaborations which started during the event. And, while specific business names may not be disclosed, the impact of ICBC Berlin on the industry is evident. The inaugural event in 2017 played a pivotal role in establishing the first foreign partnerships for medical cannabis in Germany. Countless success stories have since emerged, with participants crediting ICBC Berlin for connecting them with business partners and clients that have transformed their ventures.

Industry challenges

The cannabis industry faces unique challenges, particularly as it transitions from prohibition to more modernised policies. ICBC Berlin addresses these challenges by streamlining networking and collaboration opportunities.

“Networking is the lifeblood of all large industries”

Bringing together leaders from over 80 countries, the event simplifies the process of obtaining crucial information and fostering international partnerships.

Setting ICBC Berlin apart

ICBC Berlin distinguishes itself as the largest and longest-running cannabis B2B event in Europe. With events held in various countries, including Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, and Slovenia, ICBC has developed a loyal following worldwide. The combination of world-class education, networking opportunities, and the inclusion of Grammy-nominated music acts makes ICBC Berlin a standout event in the global cannabis industry.

“Our alumni network contains experts from every field of study in the cannabis space, and the venues where we hold our events are some of the most beautiful locations on Earth.”

ICBC: future plans

While the main focus remains on ICBC Berlin’s exponential growth, there are hints of exciting expansions on the horizon. Plans may include introducing a new location outside of Europe by the end of the year. it may promise even more opportunities for international collaboration and business development within the cannabis industry.

Thus, ICBC Berlin continues to serve as a cornerstone for the global cannabis industry, offering unparalleled networking, education, and collaboration opportunities. As the event grows, the impact on businesses and the industry as a whole is set to reach new heights. Not registered yet? Visit ICBC Berlin website here:


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