Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannprisma: developing medical cannabis solutions globally

Cannprisma: developing medical cannabis solutions globally

Founded in 2018, Cannprisma-pharma is a 100% Portuguese company that has become a major force in the medical cannabis market. Cannprisma is dedicating itself to the cultivation, extraction, and modification of the cannabis plant for medical use. It works across the whole value chain, providing farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers of pharmaceuticals, and researchers with solutions.

As we had a great opportunity to talk with Rui Soares, International Sales & Marketing Director at Cannprisma, we want to share information about the company’s background, goals, positioning in the market, and approaches to success in the pharmaceutical sector.

Let’s understand Cannprisma

Overall, the goal of Cannprisma-pharma from the beginning was to improve people’s lives by using cannabis-based medications. Inspired by their own experiences of the beneficial effects of cannabis on people, the executive board made the decision to enter a market where they could actually make a difference. The company’s goal is to establish itself as a worldwide leader in the medical cannabis sector by prioritising safety, ethics, quality, and innovation. They also want to reduce the stigma associated with cannabis usage, change public opinion of the drug, and draw attention to the advantages of cannabis-based treatments for particular diseases.

Cannprisma’s core values focus around health, transparency, scientific rigour, ethics, social and environmental responsibility, safety, quality, and innovation. These principles serve as the foundation of the business’s dedication to providing goods and raw materials that enhance patients’ quality of life all around the world.

Integrated vertical model

Cannprisma stands out in the market thanks to its integrated vertical model. Using a “Seed-to-sale” model, the business handles all value chain stages. With this strategy, Cannprisma is able to hear what the market has to say, and keep making improvements to its products. As Cannprisma’s International Sales and Marketing Director said:

“we can listen to what patients and doctors have to say about the products available in the market and integrate their concerns in the products we develop”

Cannprisma’s innovative facilities and processes create a smooth and superior production process by bridging the gap between agricultural and medicines.

White label strategy

A key aspect of Cannprisma’s product strategy is the idea of “white label”. By providing white-label options, the business forms alliances rather than seeing other organisations as rivals.

“At the same time, we monetize our factory unit with other company’s products without needing to increase our own market share.”

But why is that important? This strategy encourages industry cooperation and permits businesses to join the market without building cultivation facilities. Cannprisma is a supporter of patient diversity, and white labelling gives other participants a chance to enter the market and provide their own products and concepts.

R&D and opportunities

R&D is the basis of Cannprisma’s business strategy. Research and development is crucial in the constantly changing medical cannabis industry. It is important to create new products, strains, technology, and modes of administration. With a dedication to generating reliable scientific data, Cannprisma hopes to expand the cannabis industry’s knowledge of the plant’s medicinal potential and aid in the creation of novel medicines.

So, Cannprisma places a strong emphasis on ongoing research and development in order to stay innovative and creative. The company raises the bar for scientific understanding of cannabis’s therapeutic potential by paying attention to market insights. With this proactive strategy, Cannprisma is surely able to stay ahead of industry advancements. Moreover, they can set the standard for innovative solutions for patients and medical professionals.

Cannprisma finds opportunities in the development of novel products, formulations, and delivery systems. The organisation, which has a vertically integrated structure, is well-positioned to take advantage of these chances by using its infrastructure to develop creative solutions for a range of patient demands.

Market environment for Cannprisma

In the current market environment, Cannprisma is up against a number of obstacles. These are as unclear regulations, bureaucratic red tape, the negative associations linked to cannabis-based medications, and competition from the illicit market. In order to maintain the validity and acceptance of medicinal cannabis, navigating these obstacles calls for a careful mix of following rules, educating the public, and resolving industry-wide difficulties.

However, the foundation of Cannprisma’s global sales and marketing strategy is positioning the company as a centre for medical cannabis. The company’s goal is to unite the European and American continents by concentrating on building and promoting brand awareness. So, they know that in a field where credibility and trust are vital, establishing relationships via social media, industry events, and word-of-mouth is essential.

Upcoming projects and expansions

Cannprisma is now also working on a number of projects. It is growing its greenhouses to enhance production capacity, refining its EU-GMP manufacturing unit, and forming strategic alliances for R&D. The organisation is committed to being at the forefront of the medical cannabis market. Cannprisma evidenced it by its efforts to improve relationships, facilities, processes, and procedures. Moreover, the company expects more partnerships, which should be presented in the new website early 2024.

Thus, in the medical cannabis sector, Cannprisma-pharma is a bright example. They focus on shifting attitudes, and setting an example of ethics and creativity in leadership. Cannprisma aims to offer premium cannabis-based medications and advance the sector as it navigates difficulties, seizes opportunities, and grows internationally.


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