Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis Associations in Malta in 2023

Recreational cannabis in Malta 2023

Malta recently legalized the use of cannabis for research, medical uses, and the creation of cannabis groups. Malta approved the Cannabis Regulation Act in 2021. They then made it legal to grow, produce, and distribute cannabis for research and medical uses as well as to establish cannabis associations. The law permits the creation of a regulatory body tasked with supervising Malta’s cannabis market and enforcing regulations.

The new law specifies the criteria and steps for obtaining a license to grow, produce, or sell cannabis for medical purposes. It also describes the specifications for safety protocols and record-keeping. The law also sets a framework for the formation of cannabis associations. It would enable registered associations to cultivate and produce cannabis for medical use. To maintain legal compliance, the associations are under strict rules and routine inspections.

How to create an Association?

Cannabis associations in Malta are groups based on the memberships. They can grow a certain amount of cannabis for members’ individual use. Registration for these groups began in earnest on February 28.

Interested parties must fill out an application and submit it to the Malta Business Registry. That is the way to establish a cannabis association there.

Such an organization needs at least five individuals over the age of 18 as members. The Malta Business Registry must secondly receive a registration request for it. The Malta Business Registry must receive an application from interested parties, together with a list of the association’s members and the anticipated activities for the group. The association also needs to have a registered office in Malta and register for VAT (Value Added Tax). Moreover, the group is required to abide by rules regulating the manufacturing, distribution, and growing of cannabis as well as the security and caliber of the end goods. Regular inspections and reporting to the authorities are part of this.

It’s vital to remember that they cannot make a sale of cannabis products nor the operation of the groups as for-profit businesses. Moreover, membership in these organizations will not have anyone who is less than 18 years old.

The association is permitted to engage in activities including the cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis products after getting approvals. It happens as long as they adhere to the rules, go through regular inspections, and report to the authorities on a regular basis.

What is the future of cannabis associations?

There was a development of a regulated cannabis economy and the increasing acceptance of cannabis’ medicinal advantages. They were the main drivers for the legalization of cannabis in Malta. The cannabis sector was acknowledged by the government of Malta to be expanding quickly. However also, to have the potential to make a significant economic contribution. Currently, Malta can become a cannabis market leader.


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