Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


GreenBroz Harvest Bucket available for European cultivators

GreenBroz Harvest Bucket: Pioneering Home Grow Trimming Technology European market

GreenBroz Inc. is an acknowledged supplier of Harvest Bucket, automated solutions to the legal cannabis industry and is now expanding to European markets. The company shows its dedication to superior machine engineering, outstanding craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service. GreenBroz continues to lead improvements in cannabis harvesting through cutting-edge technology and solutions because it wants to assist growers in realising their own interpretation of the American dream.

GreenBroz innovative product

With the introduction of its innovative product, the Harvest Bucket, can totally take over the European market. The Harvest Bucket, an innovative home grown trimming solution, will revolutionise how craft gardeners cultivate and prepare their harvests. This cutting-edge machine ensures gentle handling, durability, and simplicity of cleaning, elevating the trimming procedure for home growers around Europe.

GreenBroz Inc. presents innovative mix of efficiency and gentleness in its trimming equipment. The company hopes to provide home producers with a tool that resembles the accuracy of hand trimming. However it helps in maintaining the delicate qualities and potency of cannabis blossoms with the Harvest Bucket’s introduction in Europe. This represents a big change since the best harvesting techniques were previously only available to professional cultivators.

Cullen Raichart, Founder, and CEO of GreenBroz Inc., shows his excitement about the new product:

“At GreenBroz, our vision has always been to redefine the harvest process with gentle yet efficient technology. We take pride in our patented blades, top-loading design, and 316 surgical stainless material, which protect the plant’s integrity while maximising efficiency and yields. Now, we are thrilled to extend our signature trimming technology to home growers.”

Harvest Bucket: introduction into European market

Craft cultivators need the Harvest Bucket more than any other tool since it has a number of essential functions. Users have complete control over the trimming process because to the top-loading design, which ensures precision and prevents over-trimming. The machine also has a handy bucking feature that simplifies the production process for farmers. It is integrated into the clamp above the bucket.

The Harvest Bucket’s unique use of 316 surgical stainless steel at all points of contact with the product is one of its most notable characteristics. The farmers’ cleaning process is made simpler by this design, which guarantees complete cleanliness and prevents contamination. The Harvest Bucket is dishwasher safe thanks to the stainless steel structure, which also prevents microbial development and makes assembly easier.

Home cultivation – growing market in Europe

Raichart comments:

“We are delighted to introduce our new home grower solution, the Harvest Bucket, to the European market. For the home grower, achieving both utmost product integrity and trimming efficiency is crucial. The Harvest Bucket’s easy cleanability, thanks to its 316 surgical stainless steel construction, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

GreenBroz Inc.’s Harvest Bucket offers an important step for craft cultivators. Especially for those who seek a delicate balance between efficiency and product integrity.

The legal cannabis market in Europe continues to grow. For example, Luxembourg legalised cultivation at home recently. With the help of this cutting-edge trimming technology, small-scale farmers might provide relevant results. It can be compared with those of commercial operations, potentially revolutionising the way that people cultivate plants at home.


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