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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Luxembourg: cannabis cultivation at home possible this week

Luxembourg and its quick moves: domestic cannabis cultivation possible this week

Luxembourg made history on July 17, 2023, when it took a significant step toward changing its laws by allowing cannabis cultivation at home. The Official Journal has published the law of July 10, 2023, updating the earlier revised law of February 19, 1973, regarding the selling of medicines and the fight against drug addiction. This historic piece of legislation brings in a new era for the Grand Duchy by legalising domestic cannabis cultivation for personal use. On June 28, 2023, the cabinet immediately adopted the measure, known as 8033, demonstrating Luxembourg’s dedication to timely and progressive decision-making.

A new chapter in cannabis policy in Luxembourg

Like many other nations, Luxembourg upheld strict laws for many years that made it illegal to grow cannabis, possess it, or sell it. In accordance with international drug control conventions, fighting drug addiction and the illegal drug trade was the main objective. Global opinions on cannabis, however, have been changing as more people are becoming aware of its therapeutic uses and the possibilities for different approaches to drug regulation.

The cannabis regulation in Luxembourg has gone through considerable modifications as of the legislation of July 10, 2023. Citizens who are at least 18 years old will be able to grow cannabis at home for personal use under the new law, but only under specific restrictions. A person may grow up to four cannabis plants at once for their own personal use solely. Cannabis cultivation at home will be legal in Luxembourg only for personal use. It’s still illegal to sell or trade cannabis. Cannabis cultivation will be available only on private property. It also must be hidden from view. The law establishes requirements for the quality of cannabis. It requires the use of authorised seeds and outlaws the use of dangerous pesticides. The law places a strong emphasis on the responsible cannabis use. It forbids abusing it in excess or in harmful ways. To stop people under the age of 18 from obtaining cannabis, there are also strict regulations. Driving after using cannabis is still not legal, andthe government will focus on activities to prevent it.

Fast-track approval of Bill 8033

The government’s prompt approval of bill 8033 on June 28, 2023, demonstrates Luxembourg’s will to approach cannabis legislation in a proactive manner. The government swiftly moved to put the required reforms into place after realizing the necessity for them. We can see the country’s dedication to adapt to changing social norms and supporting progressive policies.

Several important considerations contributed to Luxembourg government’s decision to authorise home cannabis cultivation. By allowing personal cultivation, the government seeks to reduce the load on law enforcement resources. It can also reduce the pressure on the judicial system caused by charging minor cannabis offences.

Additionally, the decision acknowledges the growing amount of data demonstrating cannabis’ therapeutic benefits. They may pave the way for improvements in medical research and procedures across the nation.

Luxembourg’s economy is going to be greatly impacted by the legalisation of home cannabis cultivation. Regulating cannabis cultivation and use can open up new revenue streams. Through taxation and the growth of a legal cannabis sector of course. The market for illicit drugs may be affected by this change. It may lower the demand for cannabis that is grown illegally.

Furthermore, Luxembourg’s progressive position on cannabis regulation is expected to strengthen its standing as an innovative country.


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