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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Frankfurt and Offenbach – a model region for cannabis

frankfurt offenbach model region cannabis

As we all know, Germany is on its way to legalise cannabis. As reported, Frankfurt and Offenbach are considering becoming a model region for cannabis sales. What are the regions planning to do?

Mayor of Offenbach Sabine Groß confirmed that she is fighting for recognition as a model region for recreational cannabis. She does it together with the head of the health department in Frankfurt Stefan Majer. Now the cities are explore the possibility of cannabis sales in designated areas. But the goal is to create a controlled environment for the distribution.

Majer said:

“More, of course, is not possible at the moment – unfortunately, but this should not prevent us from implementing what is now possible.”

Additionally, Sabine Groß pointed out that there are still many legal issues to be clarified:

“Protecting young people, but also adults, is of particular importance to me and therefore I support Frankfurt’s commitment to making progress together. “

Frankfurt asks citizens about cannabis

Above all, the city council of Offenbach decided in 2021 to cooperate with Frankfurt on a model cannabis project. Frankfurt is also currently conducting a public survey on cannabis and the planned legalisation. The goal of the study is to gather information and assistance offered in such a way that they meet the needs and expectations of citizens. Thus it will enable them to make the best possible decisions in the field of youth and consumer protection. According to Offenbach department head Groß, it is still unclear whether other municipalities from the Rhine-Main region should participate in the application as a model region.

This way, Frankfurt and Offenbach may want to regulate the market. Moreover, they can establish a controlled environment for cannabis distribution. This could include implementing measures such as age restrictions, quality control, and licensing requirements for cannabis vendors. Additionally, it can potentially generate revenue for the cities. It can happen through taxation and licensing fees. This can be a potential economic benefit for the cities, especially if they are able to capture a portion of the existing demand for cannabis in their regions.

Preventing cannabis tourism

The latest plans indicate that Germany wants to introduce cannabis clubs to the market. In such associations, members could source their own hemp products. Clubs can have up to 500 members. In addition, regional model projects should include licensed stores.

Lauterbach promised “widespread protective measures” on Wednesday to prevent cannabis tourism. For example, in a municipality, only what can be consumed there should be grown. All because the purpose of legalising marijuana is to eliminate the black market, prevent the introduction of stronger drugs, and protect children and young people. By offering a legal and regulated alternative, the cities may hope to redirect consumers away from the illicit market.

Overall, all discussions are ongoing, and no concrete plans have been finalised yet. However, Frankfurt and Offenbach’s interest in becoming a model region for cannabis sales reflects a growing trend towards exploring alternative approaches to cannabis regulation in Germany.


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