Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Die Hanf-App propels Germany’s cannabis community into the future

Die Hanf-App propels Germany's cannabis community into the future

Introducing “Die Hanf-App GmbH,” Signature Products’ latest initiative, is a revolutionary step for the German cannabis industry. A noteworthy investment round that is oversubscribed corresponds with the launch, making it significant for both Signature Products and the German cannabis industry as a whole.

Inception, funding, and the road ahead

The founding of Die Hanf-App generated enthusiasm among investors, resulting in a fully oversubscribed investment round. It’s going to be an exciting journey into Germany’s emerging recreational cannabis business thanks to the strong support of established European investors, industry veterans, and new heavyweight supporters from the USA. Die Hanf-App wants to serve as a central location for effective inventory and member management. 

Unveiling “Die Hanf-App”

German cannabis clubs struggle with numerous regulatory issues, particularly with Pillar 1 of the Cannabis Legalisation architecture’s complicated architecture. Die Hanf-App presents itself as a modern solution, giving users access to a community platform and a package of services that streamline documentation and regulatory compliance. What is interesting – all premium services are provided without charge to members and clubs.

Die Hanf-App: key features

The app’s main features, each intended to improve the experience for cannabis clubs and individual users equally, are what make it so appealing. Die Hanf-App provides free access, so that cannabis clubs and individual users may use its features without having to pay for them. The software promotes efficiency in the cannabis community by streamlining vital processes like member administration, inventory monitoring, and invoicing. Bud Reservations allows members to easily reserve their favourite strains, giving their experience a customised feel. 

Die Hanf-App also provides frequent updates that inform users about club events and industry news. The app’s dedication to complete compliance with legal requirements and GDPR, which guarantees strict adherence to rules and protects user data, is the foundation for these functions. More than 50 clubs signed up in first month and user base exceeds 17,000 potential members. Thus the app’s impact is clear.

Because the app focuses on its community, there are very few advertising places available. Reservations for these areas are now being accepted. However, the app is quickly selling available time slots.

Dynamic partnerships and dynamic times

Promising users a rich and exciting experience, Die Hanf-App proudly announces strategic relationships with well-known businesses including Growbarrato, Terploc, and Smoking.

Die Hanf-App hopes to become the preferred platform for cannabis clubs and their members once cannabis becomes legal in Germany. With a rapidly growing user base and a great financing round, the company will have a significant impact on how Germany’s cannabis market develops in the future. 

The Hanf-App offers cannabis clubs and its members years of experience from the industrial hemp business. With the expertise in contract farming, trade, processing, and developing hemp products, Signature Products is now included into the Hanf-App to provide a safe and effective management solution. 


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