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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Ukraine considers taxing hemp production to boost budget

Ukraine considers taxing hemp production to boost budget

In a bid to bolster the national budget, Ukraine is considering taxing hemp production. The Ministry of Finance is actively working on proposals for the taxation of hemp production, a move driven by the recent legalization of medical cannabis in the country. According to the chairman of the tax committee, Danilo Hetmantsev, hemp could serve as a lifeline for the Ukrainian budget. It can unlock unconventional resources for budget.

Taxation strategies and considerations

Hetmantsev believes that hemp could be the key to filling Ukraine’s budgetary gaps. It can offer non-traditional reserves for revenue generation.

It may be premature to discuss specific fiscal measures. However, he emphasizes the importance of not taxing hemp production in the same manner as wheat production, suggesting a nuanced approach. Hetmantsev suggests avoiding a blanket tax rate and considering European taxation standards for hemp cultivation. Potential strategies include excise taxes or variable rates based on cultivation area.

The Ukrainian Parliament, on December 21, voted in favor of legalizing medical cannabis, marking a significant legislative milestone. The bill, registered as №7457 in 2022, passed its first reading after a year of parliamentary review. The legalization of medical cannabis has opened the door for discussions on how the cultivation of hemp could contribute to expanding the tax base and generating additional income for the national budget.

Ministry of Finance’s role

The Ministry of Finance is actively formulating proposals for the taxation of hemp production. He is taking into account the unique circumstances surrounding the cultivation of cannabis. The legalisation of medical cannabis gains traction. Thus, the Ministry aims to develop a comprehensive approach to taxation that aligns with European standards and fosters economic growth.

With the Ministry of Finance preparing proposals for taxation, policymakers are considering innovative approaches to ensure that hemp production contributes meaningfully to the national budget. So, the regulatory landscape evolves. This is why Ukraine can explore new avenues for revenue generation and economic development.


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