Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannavigia’s input in Swiss medical cannabis program

What is Cannavigia?

A Swiss company named Cannavigia offers a number of services for the legal cannabis market. For firms involved in the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of cannabis products, they specialize in developing custom solutions. Cannavigia provides a range of services, including support for company development, quality control and testing, and advising for regulatory compliance. Additionally, they give cannabis firms an online platform to run their operations and interact with customers and partners. Cannavigia was chosen by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health (FOPH) to supply the track & trace solution for the swiss medical cannabis program. It has played a vital role in the first project WEED CARE in Basel so far. And, it will continue to do so in follow ups for the balance of the 10-year contract period.

What did Cannavigia do for Swiss cannabis program?

A Swiss cannabis start-up named Cannavigia developed the Cannabis Dispensary System (CDS). It is a software platform with the goal of simplifying the country’s legal cannabis trade. Customers can buy top-notch cannabis products at accredited pharmacies thanks to CDS, the first legal cannabis system in the nation.

The scheme operates similarly to the Dutch marijuana approach. Customers with a medical prescription can buy a variety of high-quality cannabis products at pharmacies that take part in the program. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has got strict quality criteria. They are to be met by all products and will be ensured through the system.

The CDS platform uses blockchain technology to guarantee transparency, traceability, and accountability throughout the supply chain. As a result, pharmacists and customers can have confidence in the top quality of the product and the reliability of the distribution network. The system also guarantees adherence to Swiss laws and standards. Those include strict regulations for the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis products.

Those having a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis who have registered with a partner pharmacy can access the system. Patients who have registered can use the CDS system to buy the products. This includes a mobile app that lets users browse products, place orders, and keep track of their purchases.

Why is CDS important?

The CDS system has received acceptance for its ability to reduce Switzerland’s cannabis illegal market. Customers are more willing to buy from licensed pharmacies than from illegal sellers when high-quality, legal cannabis goods are readily available. By doing this, the risk of harm from using illegal drugs is decreased, and the government also earns tax revenue.

Ultimately, the Cannavigia-created Cannabis Dispensary System is a state-of-the-art software system that offers a secure and transparent platform for the legal distribution of cannabis in Switzerland. The system is created to comply to the tight regulatory standards set forward by Swiss legislation. It also guarantees that customers may obtain cannabis products of the highest caliber for medical use. The system has the potential to reduce the illegal cannabis trade in Switzerland, while simultaneously bringing in money for the state and giving people who need it more access to safe, legal cannabis products.


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