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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Celadon Pharmaceuticals clears path for cannabis trial in the UK

Celadon Pharmaceuticals clears path for cannabis trial in the UK

The final approval required to launch an innovative large-scale trial of Celadon Pharmaceuticals’ cannabis-based treatment for chronic pain in the UK has been granted. Celadon Pharmaceuticals is an AIM-listed company that specialises in cannabinoid treatments. The project, which will include up to 5,000 non-cancer pain patients, has been approved by the NHS Research Ethics Committee after the submission of encouraging findings from a three-month feasibility study.

Celadon: the cannabis clinical trial background

LVL Health, Celadon’s private pain clinic, has received permission based on feasibility study data on quality of life, pain, and sleep. Evidence also suggested that patients could decrease their use of opioid analgesics while still benefiting from cannabis therapy.

The trial had already received conditional permission from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). But it needed the Ethics Committee’s approval to move forward. This huge accomplishment for Celadon paves the path for potential cannabis-based medicinal prescriptions. It also shows possibilities for future NHS and insurance company funding.

The Celadon cannabis trial may be the first of its kind in the UK. It will produce crucial information in support of the use of cannabis-based medicines for managing chronic pain. The trial’s possible success might shift the company’s direction and establish it as a dominant force in the medical cannabis market.

Future of Celadon Pharmaceuticals

Celadon’s position has been strengthened by the MHRA’s recent approval of its Birmingham manufacturing plant and a Home Office licence to distribute cannabis products containing pharmaceutical-grade tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The new approvals now allow Celadon to supply its THC oil to groups performing research and development into THC-based medicines. Moreover, they will be able to supply their oils to specialised clinics allowed to prescribe medical cannabis.

Achieving approval for its THC oil as a chronic pain medication could have far-reaching effects, even though Celadon will make near-term revenues via private prescribing on a named-patient basis and supplying other businesses. Only a handful of cannabis-derived medications have currently received NHS approval for broad usage. It includes Sativex for multiple sclerosis and Epidyolex for a few rare children with epilepsy. These medications come from GW Pharma. Jazz Pharma purchased this company in 2021 for an astounding $7.2 billion.

Medical cannabis market in the UK

In the UK, there are an estimated 8 million people who suffer from chronic pain. This country has some of the highest rates of opiate abuse in Europe. James Short, Chief Executive of Celadon, expressed enthusiasm about the trial’s approvals. However, he added that the company’s key goals are to expand the UK market and build solid databases for cannabis medications.

Thus, Celadon’s cannabis trial marks a significant advancement in the UK’s medical cannabis landscape. There is a potential to revolutionise pain management and enhance quality of life for millions of people.

Innovative treatments like these may offer safer and more efficient substitutes for conventional pain management techniques. Research and development in this area continues. The future of medical cannabis in the UK and elsewhere will align with Celadon’s commitment to patient-centric strategies and data-driven outcomes.


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