Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Can4med imports 50 kg of medical cannabis to Poland

Can4med imports 50 kg of medical cannabis to Poland

Can4med, a pharmaceutical wholesaler with a focus on cannabinoid medicines, has announced that it has successfully imported and distributed an extra 50 kg of premium medical cannabis across its large drugstores network in Poland.

Medical cannabis accessibility in Poland

This success not only represents a victory for Can4med but also confirms the company’s constant commitment to expanding medical cannabis accessibility for Polish patients and pharmacies.

“This accomplishment is another stride in our mission to provide consistent access to high-quality medical cannabis for therapeutic purposes”

Can4med CEO Arek Piotrowicz said in describing the significance of this milestone. In order to satisfy the growing demands of the Polish market, they are expanding supply contracts.

Poland: government regulations

Can4med wants to adhere to Poland’s strict standards. They demonstrated it by the careful approval that government regulators give to all cannabis products prior to their distribution. It also supports Poland’s growing importance in the European medical cannabis markets by complying with the strongest safety and efficacy requirements. Growing patient demand and innovative laws that permit doctors to prescribe and patients to obtain medicinal cannabis through licensed pharmacies are driving the nation’s expansion in this industry.

Can4med is  leader in Poland’s medical cannabis market. All thanks to a highly qualified staff and an extensive pharmaceutical wholesaler licence. The company’s strategic alliances, most notably with a licensed German drug wholesaler, facilitate seamless international trading of cannabis products. This partnership strengthens Can4med’s position as a major participant in the larger European medical cannabis market while also increasing its influence in Poland.

Rising demand for medical cannabis

Can4med’s proactive attitude to supporting the changing demands of Polish pharmacies and patients is demonstrated by the recent importation of an additional 50 kg of medical-grade cannabis. Can4med is in a unique position to significantly influence the accessibility and distribution of medical cannabis in the area as the demand for it rises. This achievement is a credit to the company’s success as well as its dedication to leading the way in the medical cannabis sector in a positive way.


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