Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


BZAM and 4C LABS: first shipment of medical cannabis to the UK

BZAM and 4C LABS: first shipment of medical cannabis to the UK

Through relationship with 4C LABS, an established Canadian cannabis producer BZAM has successfully completed their first shipment of medical cannabis to the UK. The product have been provided by BZAM’s subsidiary, The Green Organic Dutchman, and is certified as organic in Canada and compliant with EU GMP standards.

The purpose of this historic deal is to meet the huge demand in the UK’s rapidly growing medical cannabis market for high quality, organic Canadian cannabis products.

BZAM and 4C LABS: The collaboration details

BZAM shipped 150 kg of The Green Organic Dutchman’s best cannabis strains to 4C LABS on October 25, 2023. It was managed as part of the first shipment. Eventually, this partnership aims to increase the availability of certified organic, EU GMP cannabis for medical use. It is going to making it easier for 4C LABS’ pharmacy customers in the UK to receive these medical cannabis products.

As per the contract’s conditions, BZAM will keep providing 4C LABS with about 600 kg of cannabis flower every year for the next two years. This strategic alliance stems from the mutual conviction that the UK’s medical cannabis market, which is anticipated to grow in line with other medical cannabis markets that have already been authorised globally, has a sizable demand for high quality Canadian cannabis.

First shipment’s excitement in the UK

BZAM Ltd.’s CEO, Matt Milich, acknowledged his satisfaction with the business’s foreign export approach by saying, 

“Executing on our recent EU GMP Certification is a key priority, and we are excited to be able to partner with local experts like 4C LABS. This strategic alliance allows BZAM Ltd. to expand its international presence and bring the benefits of Canadian cannabis to patients in the UK.”

In line with this perspective, Greg Dobbin, CEO of 4C LABS, expressed his happiness. He praised BZAM Ltd. for being a top-tier business with innovative cultivation techniques that improve medical cannabis.

The collaboration promises to enhance the UK medical cannabis market with premium, certified organic products. Additionally, it might provide both businesses interesting new options. Because of the availability of high-quality Canadian cannabis products, this partnership places 4C LABS as a dominating participant in the UK’s expanding medical cannabis market.


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