Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


BZAM – distribution of medical cannabis in UK by 4C LABS

BZAM - distribution of medical cannabis in UK by 4C LABS

BZAM Ltd is a Canadian medical cannabis producer and has signed a strategic distribution contract with 4C LABS Ltd from the UK.

What is the agreement about?

The UK-based import and distribution company 4C LABS, which specialises in the medical cannabis industry. In accordance with the contract, BZAM will provide 4C LABS with about 600 kg of medical cannabis flower per year for the following two years. In the UK, we might anticipate that commercialisation will start in the fourth quarter of 2023.

BZAM has a reputation for growing medical cannabis on living soil in a certified organic method. It just received certification from the EU for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for its greenhouse facility in Ontario, Canada. BZAM is now permitted to export specific medicinal cannabis products. This also include those from the The Green Organic Dutchman brand, to the UK and other international markets.

BZAM owns several brands and runs facilities in numerous Canadian provinces. They have BZAM, TGOD, ness, Highly Dutch Organic, TABLE TOP, Dunn Cannabis, FRESH, and Wyld in their portfolio. The common shares of the firm are traded on the OTCQX and the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). We can find their shares under the symbols BZAMF and BZAM, respectively.

In the developing medical cannabis market in the UK, 4C LABS observes a significant demand for premium, organic Canadian cannabis products. Over the next five years, they expect the market to grow. They also believe that their position in the UK medical cannabis industry will be better. All thanks to their distribution arrangement with BZAM.

Comments regarding the partnership

Matt Milich is a CEO of BZAM Ltd. In overall, he expressed satisfaction in the deal, saying that it allows them to introduce their unique products to the UK market by working with local organisations like 4C LABS. 

At 4C LABS, Greg Dobbin serves as CEO. He described BZAM as the highest quality business. He also mentioned innovative facilities which are advancing medical cannabis.

Quality medicinal cannabis products should be more readily available in the UK market thanks to the distribution deal between BZAM and 4C LABS. Additionally, it should help in the growth of the sector. Both companies want to supply patients in the UK with cutting-edge, transparent, and sustainable cannabis products.

In overall, European cannabis market is expanding. Recent announcements include also changes at Ananda Developments, acquisition in Malta or financing in medical cannabis sector.


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