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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Who knows if medical cannabis is legal in the UK? Releaf report

Does everyone know that medical cannabis is legal in the UK? Releaf report review

Releaf, the UK’s first medical cannabis e-clinic, conducted a study to shed light on the attitudes, interests, and concerns surrounding medical cannabis in the country as the drug’s therapeutic potential keeps attracting public interest. Their research not only aimed to clarify the confusion around the legal position of medical cannabis in the UK. It also determined the prevalence of health issues that would qualify people for medical cannabis, and investigate the use of cannabis for non-recreational purposes. The results of this study offer important new perspectives on the state of medical cannabis in the UK today.

Confusion over legal status and prescriptions

According to Releaf’s research, a significant number of people in the UK have diagnoses that medical cannabis might potentially treat. This demonstrates how medical cannabis may enhance the quality of life for these people. The study also highlighted the negative effects of current treatments and the severe impact these illnesses have on many parts of sufferers’ lives.

Only 41.5% of respondents to the survey knew that medical cannabis obtained with a prescription is legal in the UK, indicating a general lack of understanding of the subject. Surprisingly, 34.8% thought it was unlawful, while 23.7% weren’t sure if it was legal. The low prescription levels seen in the whole country are a result of this uncertainty. Due to this, many people who may benefit from medical cannabis might not be able to receive it.

The fear of being mistaken for engaging in illicit activity, which was mentioned by 39% of respondents, was one significant stigma highlighted by the poll. The poll also showed that different demographic groups had differing levels of concern about societal stigmas. Women show greater degrees of worry than men, suggesting that gender influences how people see medical cannabis. Additionally, younger age groups than their older counterparts identified stigmas as a bigger problem.

The survey found that as individuals aged, the impact of societal stigmas diminished. Older respondents were more likely to say that if they believed that medical cannabis was the best option for their health, no stigma would stop them from doing so.

Medical cannabis and the need for education

The study discovered considerable interest in investigating medical cannabis as a therapy option despite the uncertainty. More than two-thirds of the adults in the UK said they would accept it as a treatment. However, the social stigma attached to using medical cannabis has been brought up. These findings highlight the essential need for information and assurance to clarify stereotypes. It might allow future users to take benefit from medical cannabis’ long-term advantages.

The report also looked into non-recreational cannabis use in the UK, namely the use of illegal street cannabis. Unexpectedly, it was found that a large number of people have used these sources to relieve health-related problems. This draws attention to unmet medical requirements and the possible role of legally controlled medical cannabis in giving patients safer and more reliable options.

The ground-breaking analysis by Releaf offers an in-depth understanding of the medical cannabis market in the UK. It shows not only the confusion surrounding the legal position of medical cannabis. It mentions also the keen interest in learning more about this medical option. Comprehensive education, destigmatization, and improved access to authorised medical cannabis products are urgently needed to realise its potential benefits. The UK can provide better assistance to people in need. Thus, the country might open the door for a more knowledgeable and innovative approach.


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