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Working thanks to cannabis? New study challenges stereotypes

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Patients using medical cannabis can be fully employed and can be working. A study conducted by Grünhorn shows this fact by a survey with nearly 3,000 participants. 

Study about medical cannabis impact on daily work

The study has revealed that 77% of patients using medical cannabis have the employment. These findings challenge common stereotypes surrounding cannabis use in medical treatment. The multi-part research was conducted by the Grünhorn Academy. This is an educational and training platform of Grünhorn, Germany’s largest online pharmacy for prescription cannabis. 

62% of the 2,827 respondents held regular working positions. They included a variety of professions such as self-employed (10%), civil servants (3%), and employers (2%). The first part of the study also shed light on the specific reasons for medical cannabis. According to the analysis, 41% of participants used cannabis for pain relief, 23% for mental health conditions, and 11% for neurological disorders. An additional 20 percent experienced a combination of symptoms, such as pain accompanied by depressive moods.

Here is what Dr. Nadine Herwig, Head of the Grünhorn Academy explains:

„Our study, as well as our investigations and discussions for our podcast, demonstrate that cannabis patients can now actively participate in the workforce through their therapy. Contrary to common prejudices, the goal is not to get high but to effectively treat symptoms such as pain, sleep disorders, depressive moods, or even ADHD when conventional medicine does not promise a cure.” 

What can people take from this survey?

Additional questions were asked of participants in the study’s phase two. Survey examined their demographic information. They additionally wanted to confirm any changes in their quality of life after beginning their cannabis treatment, as well as any negative effects that might have occurred. The poll therefore questioned the occurrence, severity, and impact of these negative impacts on the respondents.

These results demonstrate cannabis’ potential to be an effective medical treatment. Patients appear to be able to live fulfilling lives while managing their medical issues because of it. Medical cannabis let them not only relieve in daily life, but also continue working or come back to work. This study improves knowledge and acceptance of cannabis as a valid medicinal alternative for individuals in need by dispelling myths and presenting proof of its effectiveness. Medical cannabis is becoming more popular and people change their approach towards it. However, studies like this one show the importance of improving common knowledge about medical cannabis, including ability to work.


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