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Ukraine: parliament unlocks access to medical cannabis

Ukrainian parliament unlocks access to medical cannabis

In Ukraine, the Parliament has recently unblocked the signing of the medical cannabis bill, marking a milestone in the country’s approach to alternative medicine. The opposition Holos (Voice) party MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak shared this news on Telegram on January 16, shedding light on the legislative progress made in favor of medical cannabis.

Background of medical cannabis changes

On December 21, the Ukrainian Parliament demonstrated its support for the bill on medical cannabis during the second reading. Despite opposition from the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) faction, the bill successfully garnered approval from 248 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. This move will bring a regulatory framework for the use of cannabis in medical, industrial, and scientific capacities. However, it will still keep strict prohibitions on recreational use and distribution.

Scope of the bill

The approved bill emphasizes the exclusive regulation of cannabis for medical, industrial, and scientific purposes. This signifies a deliberate focus on harnessing the therapeutic potential of cannabis-derived medications without compromising public safety. The law aims to provide a structured approach to cannabis use, ensuring it is channeled towards healthcare, research, and industry.

Despite the majority backing in Parliament, the bill did not receive unanimous support from all political factions. The opposition parties Batkivshchyna and European Solidarity expressed reservations. Notably, Batkivshchyna leader Yulia Tymoshenko has been a consistent critic of the initiative. Tymoshenko announced the faction’s intention to appeal to the Constitutional Court. She was citing concerns about the voting process, claiming that “the amendments to the bill were considered in a half-empty chamber.”

Tymoshenko’s stance revolves around the belief that the bill could inadvertently “legalize drug trafficking and the drug mafia in the country.” However, these assertions lack concrete evidence and prompt questions about the extent of the opposition’s understanding of the proposed legislation.

Medical cannabis – benefits for Ukraine

The legalisation of medical cannabis is a progressive step that opens doors to alternative treatments for various medical conditions. Medications derived from medical cannabis have shown efficacy in reducing pain, alleviating muscle spasms, treating PTSD and anxiety disorders. Additionally, they play a crucial role in managing epilepsy, psoriasis, kidney failure, and providing pain relief for cancer patients, as well as supporting individuals diagnosed with HIV.

The Ukrainian Parliament’s decision to unblock the medical cannabis bill signifies a positive shift in the country’s healthcare landscape. By emphasizing the use of cannabis for medical, industrial, and scientific purposes, Ukraine can unlock the therapeutic potential of this plant while maintaining strict regulations against recreational use and distribution. As the nation moves forward with the implementation of this legislation, it is crucial to address concerns raised by the opposition through transparent dialogue and evidence-based discussions to ensure a balanced and effective regulatory framework for medical cannabis in Ukraine.


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