Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis Anbau-Allianz: WESSLING as QA background

Cannabis Anbau-Allianz: WESSLING as QA background

In an exclusive interview with Maik Siebelmann, Head of Division Pharma at WESSLING, we explore WESSLING’s crucial position in the evolving landscape of cannabis consulting, analysis, and testing.

WESSLING is leading the way in Germany’s efforts to legalise cannabis for recreational use. With WESSLING, Anbau-Allianz für Deutschland GmbH, is expanding its circle of partners.

The flexible consulting and testing company WESSLING has been a major player in a number of industries. We could see its activities within pharmaceuticals, food safety, and environmental studies. In 2018, WESSLING’s GMP-certified quality control lab in Münster, Germany, added medical cannabis analysis to its list of areas of expertise. It is providing strict analytical services that guarantee product quality and safety. It will play an important role in quality assurance in the course of the legalisation of recreational cannabis in the cultivation alliance for Germany.

Quality control for recreational cannabis

Alongside the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use in Germany, WESSLING will be responsible for quality assurance. Siebelmann describes the particular procedures and actions that go into this vital position in quality control. The focus is on making sure that the legally required quality standards are followed.

Maik Siebelmann provided information about the kinds of tests carried out by WESSLING. He was highlighting the need of determining the THC and CBD content as critical potency parameters. WESSLING’s analytical services provide customers with important information when choosing cannabis strains. All thanks to the ability to analyse up to 15 different cannabinoids and terpene spectra. Microbiological testing is also essential. WESSLING ensures that products are free from contaminants, including mould and faecal germs.

Sustainability, technology and innovation at Wessling

Cannabis cultivation is a part of WESSLING’s commitment to sustainability. Although there are no particular guidelines for cannabis production in the current draft law, WESSLING advises using Good Agricultural and Collection Practice (GACP) guidelines. To guarantee the best standards in cultivation and sustainability, the company provides GACP audits, certifications, and guidance.

In cannabis analysis, WESSLING emphasises innovation and technology significantly. Siebelmann draws attention to recent advancements in this field. He mentions quick microbiological techniques. They reduce testing times and more test methods that enable a more accurate evaluation of cannabis flower quality. The company’s analytical contract development specialists concentrate on creating specific analysis techniques for the company’s customers while using the newest technologies.

Evolving regulations and German market

Siebelmann discusses the difficulty of adhering to rules in the face of a cannabis legalisation that is evolving. WESSLING considers itself as in charge of creating the appropriate regulatory standards for recreational cannabis. It will guarantee safety in terms of consumer protection, even though the rules for medical cannabis are quite obvious. The capable Quality Management (QM) staff of WESSLING in Münster is committed to putting new regulations into effect and providing training on them.

With regard to guaranteeing the safety, quality, and sustainability of cannabis products in a constantly changing legislative landscape, WESSLING stands out as a leading force. With its state-of-the-art analytical services and constant commitment to innovation, WESSLING is a major force shaping the cannabis market in Germany going forward.


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