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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Opening the discussion on cannabis regulation in Austria

austria cannabis Wolfgang Pöltl

The approaching controlled cannabis distribution in Germany has led to a discussion about the benefits and risks of reformed regulation in Austria. Politicians, activists, specialists, and members of the public with an interest in the issue are likely to participate in the talks.

A concerning aspect is that the federal government of Austria, through the Ministry of Health, has decided to ignore the global trend toward the legalisation of cannabis, threatening the health of its citizens. But Wolfgang Pöltl, a prominent authority on cannabis legalisation, has spoken out against this boycott. He emphasised the necessity of accepting the facts about cannabis and its possible advantages. 

Comments about cannabis possibilities in Austria

Since 2019, the Ministry of Health has shown little interest in Pöltl’s detailed legal analysis or related suggested legislation. Austria seems to purposely deny its population access to the health-promoting qualities of the cannabis plant, putting pharmaceutical interests over public welfare as global views about the liberalisation of cannabis change.

According to Wolfgang Pöltl, there is no valid legal basis for banning the general public from using cannabis. He eliminates the myth that all items related to cannabis are addictive. He argues that not all items marketed as cannabis include addictive ingredients. Pöltl’s perspective is in line with current market trends. Everywhere the demand for CBD oils and hemp flowers is rising globally. For centuries, hemp plants and cannabis products have been applied for their health benefits. Austria, however, seems to eliminate these substances in favour of pharmaceutical alternatives.

Since Wolfgang Pöltl submitted the Ministry of Health with his legislation proposal on the legalisation of cannabis products (particularly CBD) in 2019, the administration has ignored his advice. It’s important to note that a high administrative court council gave this idea a favourable assessment. The Ministry of Health, which is run by the Green Party, does not seem to be worried by these findings. While the world is moving toward legalising cannabis, Austria actively and intentionally denies its beneficial effects on health.

A call to action in Austria

It is now impossible to ignore the unacceptable actions of the Austrian federal government and its Ministry of Health. It is clear that the government puts the multi-million dollar profits of the pharmaceutical business ahead of the health of its people, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Wolfgang Pöltl won’t keep quiet any longer. He has taken a courageous stance by leading a pan-European movement to educate the public about the real reasons why access to the health-improving compounds present in the cannabis plant is being restricted. 

The federal government of Austria’s opposition to cannabis legalisation is not promising. Austria falls behind the rest of the world in implementing progressive cannabis laws. On the contrary to the trends, Austria prefers outdated viewpoints over research. Wolfgang Pöltl is working to advocate for cannabis and present its possible health advantages. His campaign is visible across Europe. It is critical to question the present status. All to give public health and wellbeing priority over outdated thoughts that restrict growth in this emerging industry.


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