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Germany: soldiers excluded from cannabis legalisation plans

Soldiers excluded from Germany's cannabis legalisation plans

Soldiers are expected to be excluded from the cannabis legislative changes in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Health has highlighted that the military would not specifically be included by the laws for cannabis product possession and usage. This notable choice emphasises the complex strategy the administration is using to advocate for regulated cannabis consumption.

Cannabis laws and soldiers in Germany

Sections 3 and 5 of the new law for the controlled handling of cannabis include the specifics of this exclusion. While the draft prohibits consumption for anybody under the age of 18 and permits adults above the age of 18 to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis for personal use, it includes a notable exception for service members. These legislative changes do not affect how members of the Bundeswehr, Germany’s armed forces, may get and make use of cannabis products.

Military is the only professional body that will have its rights limited by the new cannabis law in Germany. In support of these exclusions, the Defense Ministry argued that some positions within the Ministry required limits on cannabis usage owing to safety and security issues.

Limitations on cannabis usage may specifically occur for jobs involving the handling of weapons and equipment that could pose serious dangers to life and limb. This seems to be crucial for preserving military discipline and operational readiness.

This position is not unusual. The Bundeswehr’s rules are already tighter than the broader legal norms. Even under the existing legislation, where cannabis is still not legal in Germany. Due to the possible risks they pose to health and operational readiness, narcotic usage, including “soft” substances like marijuana and hashish, is not legal under the Zentrale Dienstvorschrift A-2160/6, a central service guideline that governs military behaviour. These drugs may slow down reaction speeds, perception, and more.

Cannabis legalisation in Germany – future

The cannabis legalisation plan should occur in the cabinet for discussion next week, according to Karl Lauterbach. The Defense Ministry has announced plans to review the existing military regulations in light of the potential changes.

This sparks curiosity about the limitations on soldiers’ leisure activities. The question occurs if the broader society should adopt more permissive cannabis laws. It also raises questions regarding the feasibility of these restrictions on troops’ free time. Eventually, society as a whole will adopt less restrictive cannabis legislation.

The decision to exclude the military in cannabis law shows the careful considerations of politicians in Germany. To strike a balance between operational safety and personal freedom we need a careful approach. Soldiers are treated differently depending on where they are in the legalising process. It surely raises concerns about society standards, individual rights, and the duties of military service.


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