Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


New look into cannabis: Switzerland and its Grashaus Projects

New look into cannabis: Switzerland and its Grashaus Projects

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) has granted the Swiss Institute for Addiction and Health Research (ISGF) and Sanity Group final approval to begin a landmark study in Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland, that will concentrate on the controlled distribution of recreational cannabis. This is a significant development. The initiative, appropriately called “Grashaus Projects,” is scheduled to launch later this year with the goal of illuminating the consequences of controlled cannabis access and facilitating well-informed decisions regarding future cannabis regulation in Switzerland.

This initiative, which takes a bold stand to recognize the potential societal, health, and financial effects of legalising non-medical cannabis, represents a significant advancement in the ongoing global discourse on cannabis, especially in Europe

Understanding of cannabis consumption in Switzerland

Allschwil will be the starting point for the Grashaus Projects, with a second location in Liestal. It’s interesting to note that there is one non-Swiss organisation taking part in this program. It is the German company Sanity Group. This highlights the study’s global significance and exemplifies how experts and organisations from different parts of the globe collaborated to address the complex cannabis-related questions.

A thorough analysis of cannabis users’ consumption patterns, their physical and mental health, and the wider societal effects—including those on public safety and order—are among the study’s main goals. The public prosecutor’s office and other pertinent stakeholders will work together closely. The study’s goal is providing insightful information about cannabis consumption and its effects.

The ISGF’s Scientific Director, Prof. Dr. Michael Schaub, highlights that the knowledge gathered from this research can support an informed conversation about responsible cannabis use in health policy. The results may provide a solid basis for long-term policy decisions. The project will assist Switzerland in developing a strategy regarding cannabis use.

Cannabis as a health solution

The CEO of Sanity Group, Finn Hänsel, is excited about the chance to assist the ISGF pilot project and advance cannabis research. It supports prevention, youth protection, and health protection. Sanity Group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

There have been obstacles along the way for the Grashaus Projects to launch. The Sanity Group has put in a great deal of work with local and federal agencies to make this big project happen. Leonhard Friedrich, the project manager at Sanity Group, emphasises the commitment and teamwork required to advance this endeavour.

Community participation

The study will offer up to 3,950 healthy Basel-Landschaft residents the chance to take part. Those who pass a medical aptitude test and an initial information event will get a participation card. This document will give them temporary legal access to cannabis. Every three to six months, surveys on consumption habits and health will be conducted continuously. This methodology guarantees an in-depth understanding of the long-term effects of cannabis on participants.

The Grashaus Projects will use retail stores as points of sale in contrast to other Swiss cannabis projects that rely on pharmacies or clubs. Allschwil will host the first of these legally permitted cannabis stores in Europe, with Liestal set to follow. These shops will give customers a comprehensive experience. There will be a wide range of cannabis products in stock, such as edibles, flowers, extracts, and vape liquids.

Grashaus Projects: Swiss quality, Swiss cannabis

The high standards of the BetmPV and Switzerland’s organic regulations will influence all cannabis products in the stores. In order to produce products free of contaminants, the Swiss cultivation partner, SwissExtract, use in the cultivation only natural materials. The complete production process — from seed to finished product — is recorded for transparency’s sake.

Thus, the world awaits in anticipation as Switzerland leads this cannabis research project. Grashaus Projects will offer essential information on cannabis use and its effects. It will contribute to the global conversation on responsible cannabis consumption. The findings may surely attract interest abroad, demonstrating the importance of cannabis research on a global scale.

In summary, Switzerland is making history and paving the way for the cannabis plant, with the opening of the first legal cannabis store in Europe soon to follow. The findings of this study might serve as a benchmark for other countries deciding how to regulate cannabis.


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