Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Medical cannabis in Germany: IUVO Therapeutics and partnership with Pure Sunfarms

Village Farms International, the parent company of Pure Sunfarms, has launched its medical cannabis products in Germany in partnership with IUVO Therapeutics.

What is this medical cannabis partnership about?

In Germany, IUVO imports, markets, and distributes medical marijuana. It is a startup from Germany. IUVO seeks to improve understanding and transparency in the ongoing legalization discussion. They want to focus on quality products, expertise, and respect for culture. The price-performance ratio is important because private payers predominate the market. IUVO considers the climate, flower aroma, and cultivation know-how of the area. They do not just concentrate on the THC’s psychotropic properties. The company’s commitment to producing high-quality goods and transparency are reflections of its ideals and passion for culture and craftsmanship.

Pure Sunfarms is a great partner for IUVO since it can provide premium flowers at competitive pricing. Through the supply of patients, the cooperation adds value and benefits Germany’s whole medical cannabis sector as a whole. Pink Kush from Pure Sunfarms will be the first product made available to German patients. The company began selling cannabis in Israel in January, and in 2022, cannabis exports to Australia will expand tenfold. Pink Kush from Pure Sunfarms is the most popular dried flower product in Canada.

Pure Sunfarms is one of Canada’s top-selling brands. They are also ne of the biggest cannabis enterprises in the world, the cheapest greenhouse producer. The firm owns 70% of Rose LifeScience. It is a renowned third-party expert in the commercialization of cannabis products in the province, is based in Quebec. One of the top CBD brands and e-commerce sites in the US is Balanced Health Botanicals, a completely owned subsidiary of Village Farms. Village Farms intends to use a variety of ways to break into the US high-THC cannabis market.

Comments about Pure Sunfarms and IUVO

According to Village Farms CEO Michael DeGiglio, the company’s worldwide cannabis strategy has advanced significantly with the German launch. The business goal of Village Farms includes preserving its premium British Columbia-grown flower for Canadian consumers. All while pursuing increased export opportunities. In the Asia-Pacific area, Israel, and Europe, Village Farms is focusing on a few legal cannabis and CBD possibilities with strong medium- and long-term potential.

German patients will soon have access to one of Canada’s finest brands, according to Mandesh Dosanjh, president and chief executive officer of Pure Sunfarms. The Canadian cannabis business of Pure Sunfarms increased to the overall number two market share position nationally. Signifcant influence for that is the Pink Kush. The CEO of IUVO, Jonathan Lubosch-Haenisch, stated that Pure Sunfarms was an obvious choice because his business is very picky about its partners. He continued by saying that IUVO intends to provide patients with affordable access to terpene-rich, sun-grown cannabis products.

Because Pure Sunfarms can provide premium flowers at competitive pricing, the company is a valued partner for IUVO, and the relationship benefits the broader medical cannabis market in Germany.


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