Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Lyphe Group: CEO announces successful sale

Lyphe Group: CEO announces successful sale

The CEO of Lyphe Group announced on social media recently that the company and its operating subsidiaries in Australia and the UK had successfully completed their transaction. Lyphe has overcome numerous obstacles to reach this milestone, which signifies the company’s realization of its full potential and a major advancement.

In the medical cannabis industry in the UK, Lyphe Group is a trailblazing company. It has a vertically integrated strategy that includes doctor education, clinical care, medication distribution, and product manufacture. The organization uses a direct-to-patient model and heavily relies on technology as part of its unique strategy. With an astounding 30% of all patients, it has positioned Lyphe as the dominant competitor in the market. With its recent entry into the Australian market, Lyphe Group has shown that it intends to use its successful business model in this new region.

CEO’s observations on accomplishments

The CEO established a clear mission to steer the business toward profitability and increase its market share in a highly competitive landscape when he assumed the position over a year ago. In spite of early difficulties and the difficult undertaking of balancing duties from an earlier position, the CEO shown a commitment to achieving these goals.

The CEO and the team established a clear goal for the year, taking into account the exceptional abilities within the 80-person team as well as the variety of skill sets across several business domains, such as clinics, online pharmacy, operations, supply chain, and the medical workforce. Together, they concentrated on restoring patients’ faith in Lyphe’s offerings.

In his reflections on the demanding year, the CEO emphasized the team’s tenacity and drive. The team confronted obstacles head-on, participated in late-night phone sessions to solve problems, and continuously promoted creative thinking. Their efforts paid off in the fourth quarter, when sales growth reached an all-time high. Additionally, there was a noteworthy 72% increase in EBITDA. The CEO was incredibly proud of the team’s commitment and diligence, which went a long way toward achieving these notable successes.

The Lyphe Group’s Future

Now that the sale has been finalized, the CEO is handing over control to the new owners. He is expressing faith in the solid business plan, which should continue to develop upon 2023’s promising start. There is excitement and interest about Lyphe’s future under new leadership and the sustained contributions of the committed staff as the CEO takes some well-earned time off to catch their breath.

In closing, the CEO expressed his excitement for the future of this unique organization. He also highlighted the gifted people that support the company’s success. With this news, Lyphe Group closes a chapter. But it also marks the start of an exciting new era with new owners.


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