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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Krefeld – next cannabis model region?

krefeld recreational cannabis model region

The Social Democratic Party (SPD)’s youth organisation, Jusos Krefeld, wants Krefeld to apply to be a model region for the legal distribution of cannabis. Cannabis legalisation was a focal point of the SPD’s federal election platform, a triumph that the Jusos battled for. The Jusos feel it is time to fulfil their commitment and make Krefeld one of the first model regions for cannabis. They think the region will benefit much from this project. 

Jusos Krefeld advocating for recreational cannabis legalisation

Tim Kiparra, a member of the Jusos Krefeld, says:

“Cannabis will eventually be legal. This model project allows us the possibility to dig into the implementation at the local level and ensure the best possible safety for young people and consumers.”

He considers Krefeld to have a fantastic opportunity with this project. If successful, Krefeld would join the group of North Rhine-Westphalia‘s other five largest cities — Cologne, Münster, Dortmund, and Bielefeld — that have publicly shown a desire in serving as cannabis model municipalities.

According to the Jusos, Krefeld can make a significant work as a model region to prepare for cannabis legalisation. The region can help to overcome the initial challenges of implementation with scientific support. A single aspect of this matter, in the opinion of Jusos Chairman Karim Kasdaghli, is very important:

“In my opinion, decriminalising consumers is particularly important for the legalisation of cannabis. No young person’s future should ever be in danger as a result of using cannabis and getting noticed. We want support for this demand from the Young Liberals and the Green Youth. It would be a resounding message from the local Krefeld youth organisations.”

Krefeld preparing for the future

Krefeld would be able to take the lead in developing the national legalisation of recreational cannabis and overcoming the early challenges by becoming a model municipality for distribution. The region might gain helpful knowledge, secure the safety and wellbeing of its young people and customers. Moreover it can provide useful insights by carefully studying the experiences and results of this model project.

In order to strengthen their goal, the Jusos are asking the Green Youth and the Young Liberals to join them in Krefeld. They underline the significance of a coherent front from the relevant youth organisations. Together they may send a strong message regarding the decriminalisation of cannabis use.


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