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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Heilbronn – another Cannabis Social Club prepares for legalisation

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Several Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) have already been established in Germany, including Heilbronn, and there is a growing interest in their activities. Germany wants to legalise cannabis for both consumption and cultivation. The government has already presented the overview. However, a final decision is still pending. As planned, the purchase of cannabis will be possible through so-called “Social Clubs.”

Heilbronn Cannabis Social Club

As reported by the “Heilbronner Stimme,” the Cannabis Social Club Heilbronn (CSC) is preparing for Germany to fully legalise cannabis. It wants to become a pioneer in the field. Three men in their late 20s to early 30s have jointly founded the club. They named it “TenTen.” Cultivation plans are already underway. They also have clear visions. While membership is not open to everyone, the club already involves 50 people. The number of members is still increasing.

As recalls:

“The young men view their Heilbronn Cannabis Social Club as a kind of pioneer in the shift in German drug policy, which also serves as an important educational resource and youth protection.” 

Key focuses include protection of youth and high standards of cultivation and production. Moreover, the club founders discussed their concerns with “Heilbronner Stimme”. They mentioned risks coming from quick, uncareful legalisation.

At the beginning, Germany does not want to establish cannabis specialty stores. They will test it in a second phase and only in relevant pilot regions.


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