Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Goodrays CBD beverages now included in the Waitrose Meal Deal

Goodrays CBD beverages now included in the Waitrose Meal Deal

Fans of Goodrays CBD and Waitrose customers should be happy! Goodrays, a CBD-based food-to-go firm with origins in the UK, has just received an unique listing. Goodrays CBD beverages are now included in the well-known Waitrose Meal Deal, which is offered across the country. But what distinguishes Goodrays? Given that each can of their CBD-infused beverages contains a substantial 30mg of CBD, they are more potent than those of their nearest rivals.

Goodrays and its new products: comments

Passionfruit & Pomelo, the featured flavour, is a consumer favourite and has helped the company achieve popularity. Eoin Keenan is an expert in the CBD market and company founder. He explains this success to a winning value proposition and high-quality CBD. Goodrays has hit its sweet spot in a market where 45% of consumers are experimenting with CBD through drinks, drawing customers who are looking for both efficiency and price.

Keenan highlights that a sizable 54% of CBD consumers place a high value on “efficacy,” wanting to obtain all the advantages of CBD without spending a fortune. The core idea behind Goodrays’ philosophy is to spread out “multiple moments” of relaxation throughout the day. Now that Goodrays is a part of the Waitrose meal plan, you can take a real break during lunch.

Goodrays plan for the business

The sole presence of Goodrays in Waitrose further differentiates the company. Waitrose carries CBD Zen Drops, CBD Night Drops Oil, and flexible “anytime” CBD Gummies in addition to the CBD beverages. It’s interesting to note that according to recent data by Goodrays, beverages are the second most popular way to consume CBD in the UK, after oils.

Goodrays’ trajectory of growth is nothing short of impressive. According to Nielsen, the brand’s year-over-year increase was a remarkable 1491%. This quick surge demonstrates the brand’s popularity with customers and its capacity to enter the growing CBD sector.

Goodrays is in a good position to take advantage of the substantial prospects presented by the UK’s CBD market, which is expected to be worth £1 billion by 2025. By the conclusion of the following fiscal year, Goodrays’ sales is expected to triple, confirming its position as a market leader in the CBD industry. The company provides its growing customer base with high-quality goods that truly add value.


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