Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


MCPIR: licence for medical cannabis research

MCPIR: licence for medical cannabis researc

On December 15, 2023, the Medical Cannabis Platform for Innovation and Research (MCPIR) achieved a significant milestone by securing a licence for long-term research into the cultivation of medical cannabis. MCPIR, which Delphy founded in partnership with notable horticultural partners, is poised to transform medicinal cannabis growing and raise the bar for industry expertise.

Licence for innovation

With the research licence granted, MCPIR can now lead the cannabis research field. It can carry out innovative investigations and testing in its fully functional, modern research facility. This accomplishment demonstrates the dedication of MCPIR and its collaborators to furthering the science of medical cannabis production.

With the licence in hand, MCPIR is diving into the crucial phase of phenotyping. It is a meticulous process of selecting cannabis genetics with characteristics that promise enhanced yields and specific active compounds. This months-long endeavour involves growing cannabis under diverse climate and light conditions. It will be evaluating factors such as plant resistance, chemical profile, plant structure, yield, and growth patterns.

MCPIR’s research agenda extends beyond phenotyping to explore the optimal temperature/light ratio (RTR ratio temperature radiation). This research, conducted in conjunction with the correct nutrients, biostimulants, and climate settings, aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the environmental factors influencing medical cannabis cultivation.

Collaborative efforts of MCPIR

At the heart of MCPIR’s success are its founding partners. These are Philips Horticulture LED Solutions by Signify, Koppert B.V., Paradise Seeds, Priva, Mills Nutrients & Substrates, and Delphy B.V. These industry giants have come together to share their expertise and resources. They are creating a collaborative environment that drives innovation in cannabis cultivation. Additionally, participating members like Brightlabs,, Can Filters, and Van Vliet / Newwen contribute to the diversity of knowledge within the MCPIR initiative.

The five-year project from MCPIR intends to create a guide for the professionalisation of medical cannabis cultivation. The institute is promoting itself as a cornerstone for licensed producers looking to improve their cultivation processes. All through extensive research and knowledge exchange through events and training courses.

In summary, the recent acquisition of a licence for long-term research is a turning point for MCPIR. Thus, the MCPIR now shows the efforts to revolutionise the production of medical cannabis. By emphasising phenotyping, investigating temperature/light ratios, and maintaining a high standard of professionalism, MCPIR is well-positioned to provide innovative insights that will influence the direction of the medical cannabis sector. The world’s cannabis community is excitedly awaiting the exciting outcomes of this pioneering study, which will surely further advance cannabis cultivation methods.


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