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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Empowering cannabis consumers: GreenShield training program

Empowering cannabis consumers: GreenShield training program

In a world that evolves quickly and where cannabis use is becoming more common, public safety and wellbeing depend heavily on education. With its GreenShield Training Program, Global Cannabinoid Solutions (GCS) is leading the charge in this endeavour by committing to provide easily accessible and thorough public education on cannabis safety. Thus, we decided to talk about GCS and GreenShield with their founder – Christopher Tasker.

GreenShield: informed individuals

GCS’s program, GreenShield, aims to promote a culture of safe and responsible cannabis use. With the help of this free program, everyone will be able to make informed judgments on cannabis by providing the public with critical information. The objective is clear: to provide people with information, lessen harm, and lessen risks connected with cannabis usage.

GreenShield’s adventure started in 2016 when GCS set out to use cannabis science to empower businesses and the general public. Across the nation, educational lectures aimed to dispel misconceptions and present factual knowledge. After “The Cannamanual” was written, GreenShield was established in response to the demand for easily available knowledge. The quick and free training session covers the fundamentals of cannabis science while protecting people from false information.

Addressing common risks and myths

The GreenShield Training Program addresses common risks and misconceptions associated with cannabis products. The program addresses frequently asked questions by drawing on substantial interactions with patients. By bridging the gap and providing support to people in need of clarification and direction, GreenShield addresses the stigma surrounding cannabis regulations and their contentious nature.

Beyond providing information, GreenShield is dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of cannabis users by providing helpful guidance. Through an exploration of the fundamentals of cannabis, the course offers insights into product types, methods of consumption, and the significance of appropriate dosage. Risk awareness takes centre stage, helping people identify the dangers related to cannabis use, including things like impairment and health impacts. Additionally, GreenShield stresses the importance of reading product labels, determining potency, and guaranteeing the general quality of cannabis goods.

The program does not only promote cannabis safety within communities and provie support to those in need. GreenShield goes beyond personal safety to promote community well-being. By taking a comprehensive approach, it gives people the tools they need to appropriately navigate the changing cannabis use landscape.

Tailoring content

GreenShield’s main target audience consists of both patients and the general public. The program’s goal is to protect people—individuals, friends, families, and communities. Constant development guarantees that the information satisfies the wide range of participant needs and provides guidance for effectively navigating the cannabis market.

Upcoming projects

GreenShield is the result of cooperation using GCS’s vast network. The program’s progress is aided by collaborations with other organisations, medical professionals, and business leaders. In order to further empower and protect the general people and businesses in the rapidly increasing cannabis market, GCS plans to grow the program and launch new initiatives in the near future.

As we approach 2024, GCS invites everyone to stay connected on social media. Everyone can find announcements about new programs and materials there. Thus, GreenShield keeps growing and meets the dynamic challenges of the cannabis landscape.


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