Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis Poland purchased advanced cannabis R&D high-tech farm

Cannabis Poland purchased advanced cannabis R&D high-tech farm

Cannabis Poland S.A announced news that they signed a term sheet on June 24, 2024, to purchase a cutting-edge biotech farm that is housed in containers. This company is establishing itself as a major player in Poland’s expanding cannabis industry. Their strategic focus is on the growth of the local hemp market for biopharmaceuticals.

Cannabis R&D farm

This farm isn’t just any farm. It’s a cutting-edge setup with containers that include fully equipped rooms featuring movable tables and cultivation shelves, a drying room, a warehouse, and a technical space. Each room can control its own irrigation and climate settings independently.

Sticking to their game plan, Cannabis Poland is all about biotech and focuses on distributing hemp products, both in the CBD market and eventually in the THC market, which is what we often call medical cannabis.

By locking in the main agreement after these initial talks, Cannabis Poland will kick off a high-tech project for researching and developing both fibrous and non-fibrous cannabis strains. This means serious R&D work, aiming to create new cannabis varieties through advanced genetic work.

Expected outcomes

If all goes well, Cannabis Poland could patent its own cannabis strains. Think high-yield, high-quality fibrous hemp for things like cellulose and new medical cannabis strains rich in sought-after terpenes. With assistance from a foreign partner, the objective is to market seeds and clones under their exclusive brands. They will go to both businesses and private consumers throughout Europe and beyond.

This R&D project, which will enable simultaneous research on several cannabis strains, will be among the first of its sort in the EU. Under the Main Agreement, the seller of the farm will provide full support for the R&D project. The farm provider will also ensure the containers are properly set up in Poland with all necessary infrastructure.

The deadline for signing the final purchase agreement for the farm is July 12, 2024, pending a positive asset verification. The purchase price, up to 500,000 PLN, Cannabis Poland will cover by the own funds.


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