Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis Poland developing Polish hemp industry

cannabis poland hemp

Cannabis Poland S.A., a substantial participant in the NewConnect stock market, is progressing significantly in the Polish hemp industry. The company is establishing itself as a major player in Poland’s expanding cannabis industry. Their strategic focus is on the growth of the local hemp market for biopharmaceuticals. 

Expanding Polish cannabis market potential

Poland is observing a developing interest in the hemp business. The reason is the legal environment surrounding, which continues to change on a worldwide scale. The Polish cannabis market may not yet be able to compete with them. However, both the government and businesspeople are beginning to see its enormous potential. Cannabis Poland S.A., founded in Warsaw, is a such effort that seeks to promote the growth of the market while following regulatory frameworks.

Cannabis Poland S.A. has established itself as an innovator in the biopharmaceutical industry. The business focuses on the development, research, and marketing of medications and products made from cannabis. Cannabis Poland S.A. is working to develop innovative and efficient treatments for anxiety, better mobility, and a range of skin diseases by utilising the medicinal potential of cannabinoids, the active ingredients in cannabis. Notably, the company’s goods are free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance that gives cannabis its intoxicating effects.

Cannabis Poland recent announcements

Cannabis Poland S.A. recently announced that it has partnered with a well-known Polish pharmaceutical facility. Cannabis Poland S.A. will serve as the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) under the terms of the strategic collaboration. As the MAH, the business is in charge of securing marketing licences for medical cannabis products, making sure that regulatory requirements are met, running advertising campaigns, and providing essential finance. Through this partnership, Cannabis Poland S.A. will be able to develop and market cannabis-based medicines while successfully navigating the regulatory environment.

Moreover, the pharmaceutical facility agrees to provide Cannabis Poland a variety of services as part of the agreement. They want to maintain the highest levels of quality and compliance. These services include import of controlled pharmaceutical substances into Poland, obtaining required licences from regulatory agencies, buying raw materials from approved vendors, carrying out manufacturing procedures in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices, and facilitating the distribution of goods to pharmacies and wholesale warehouses.

The partnership between Cannabis Poland S.A. and the pharmaceutical facility seems to open the door for unique research and development projects. This collaboration, among others, intends to increase knowledge of cannabis-based medicines. It will also support the expansion of Poland’s biopharmaceutical industry by combining the assets of both organisations.


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