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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Are CBD, THC and HHC legal in France in 2023?

CBD, HHC, THC in France 2023

We may know what is the situation about THC, HHC and CBD in France. However, there have been some changes in cannabis law and people’s approach in France. Last Friday Sandrine Rousseau was talking about the benefits of legalising cannabis in this country. What is more, France currently struggles with non-controlled HHC availability. Additionally, in January France changed its law for CBD flowers. 2023 seems to be an interesting year for France in case of discussion about cannabis. Let’s summarise what is the current situation.

Is CBD legal in France?

CBD, made using the hemp variety of the cannabis plant, is legal to sell and use in France. THC concentrations must be less than 0.3%, though. Additionally, on January 11, 2023, the French government declared the lift of restriction on the sale of CBD flowers. The ruling permits the import of CBD flowers by businesses from other countries in the EU as well as their legal sale in France.

Therefore, if the product meets specific requirements, CBD is likely to be used in the composition of food, cosmetics, and feed. However, it must adhere to the CBD regulations set forth by the EU.

Is HHC legal in France?

HHC, which has a psychoactive effect comparable to THC, has been added to different products and sold in specialised CBD stores in France. However, according to specialists, HHC is a choice for a smoker who benefits from a legal gap. HHC is still unregulated in France. There is an exemption from law which permits the sale of HHC. This chemical doesn’t appear on the government’s list of illegal drugs. 

However, we can expect a prohibition on this cannabis compound (HHC) in France in 2023. Francois Braun, France’s minister of health, stated that.  

Is THC legal in France?

In France, possession and use of cannabis fall under criminal laws. Thus, it is illegal to produce, import and sell recreational cannabis with THC. However, on January 13, 2022, French lawmakers talked about an act that would have legalised cannabis use. Although the government rejected the proposal from the hard-left France Unbowed party (LFI), recent polls show that public opinion is shifting in favour of legalisation.  

THC law should not be a surprise for anyone. But there has recently been a claim that the legalisation of cannabis offers some advantages. As in 2023 Germany prepares a plan towards cannabis legalisation, maybe we can expect similar moves from other EU countries, such as France.


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