Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


ΕOΦ: Greek Medicines Agency warns against CANNABIS OIL

ΕOΦ: Greek Medicines Agency warns against CANNABIS OIL

The Greek National Medicines Agency (ΕOΦ) has recently issued alerts over a product called CANNABIS OIL that is being advertised to consumers through websites and electronic messaging.

Reports emphasising this concern have been sent to the agency, stating that although the product is marketed as a nutritional supplement, it is also accompanied by therapeutic claims that imply medicinal effects.

ΕOΦ warnings’ background

CANNABIS OIL is advertised as a dietary supplement. However, the agency adds that advertising also suggests that it may have pharmaceutical features. There were some therapeutic indications, including those for the treatment of joint pain, virus protection, and disorders like prostatitis. It is important to remember that CANNABIS OIL does not have the requisite ΕOΦ approval to make such therapeutic claims.

ΕOΦ alerts the public that CANNABIS OIL has not fallen under any tests for its efficacy and safety in an effort to protect public health. Customers who may want to use the product according to its unproven promises can be in the danger.

In light of these facts, strongly recommends customers not to buy or use the aforementioned product. The organisation emphasises the risks involved with getting prescription drugs from untrustworthy and unregulated sources because doing so can seriously harm consumer health.

Greek careful approach

Cannabis products are now part of many research because of their pharmaceutical potential. However, consumers have to apply caution in a time when alternative health products are becoming more and more popular. They must make sure that any product they choose fell under adequate research, assessments, and approvals. The warning from ΕOΦ emphasises the value of relying on reliable and approved sources. It is a reminder that unsupported therapeutic claims can be misleading and sometimes dangerous.

The landscape of health and wellness market continues to change. It is a warning to prioritise wise decisions and to watch out for empty promises that may compromise safety. Provided with proper information, one may make informed decisions in a world where health is a valuable resource.


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