Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


What are the reasons for cannabidiol (CBD) use?

Current situation with CBD use:

As there are potentially many CBD use reasons, interest in cannabidiol continues to grow.  Therefore, scientists decided to conduct research on the effect of its low doses on effects such as stress, anxiety and sleep problems. All this in order to understand usage patterns.

The research checked 387 current or former CBD users who responded to a 20-question online survey. Participants provided basic demographics, CBD use patterns, reasons for use, and effects on anxiety, sleep, and stress. The research was conducted on a group of 61.2% women, mainly aged 25 to 54 (72.2%), living mainly in Great Britain (77.4%).

Respondents cited the following as the four main reasons for using CBD:

– feeling anxious (42.6%)

– sleep problems (42.5%)

– stress (37%)

– general health and well-being (37%)

What is more, researchers observed that men were more likely than women to use CBD for improving overall health and well-being and post-workout muscle soreness. Women were more likely to use CBD for existing anxiety and insomnia. Also, according to research, older people are also more likely to use CBD for pain. Interesting thing is that few percent of participants admitted that they had observed more dreams while sleeping. In overall, respondents reported that CBD use was effective for stress, sleep problems, and anxiety. Some claimed relaxation of muscles as well as better self-esteem.

In conclusion, the most significant findings were that many CBD users reported that CBD can improve sleep, stress and anxiety issues and can be used for overall health and well-being. However, these patterns vary according to demographic characteristics. More research is needed to understand how low doses, representative of the general user, can affect mental health symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and sleep problems.


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