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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cultivating change: Cannabis Culture Club Brühl

Cultivating change: Cannabis Culture Club Brühl

Sven Steiger, founder of the Cannabis Culture Club Brühl, is leading a campaign to rethink society’s relationship with cannabis in the middle of Germany’s changing cannabis scene. In an exclusive interview, Steiger discusses his motives, the goals of the club, and the crucial part the club will play in the upcoming legalisation of cannabis in Germany.

Germany’s cannabis legalisation plans

The response to Germany’s intentions to legalise cannabis has been overwhelmingly positive, prompting the establishment of numerous Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC) throughout the country. These clubs, which are intended to serve as centres for responsible cannabis growing and distribution, have seen a surge in membership applications.

Sven Steiger sees the progress Germany is making in legalising cannabis. In spite of current uncertainty, the Cannabis Culture Club Brühl sees a “Happy 419” future, as he said. The idea behind is that cannabis consumption and cultivation become deeply embedded in society. Steiger expressed a sense of ambiguity of the forthcoming legalisation of cannabis. He highlighted some current uncertainties which everyone still thinks about. It is not yet sure when the new law will come into force and what is the designated authority for obtaining a cultivation licence. He also criticised the bureaucratic landscape.

Despite these challenges, Sven Steiger remains optimistic about the prospect of cultivating and consuming cannabis in the near future. He believes that many ideas will come into force:

“Even if that means we have to let the plant grow upside down – Yes, we grow!”

Being on the founding board of the club is more than just a job for Steiger. It is a passion project for him. He sees cannabis as a historically significant resource that has advanced society. Under his direction, the club is committed to removing the negative effects of prohibition and promoting the many advantages of cannabis.

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) – catalysts for change

Steiger makes comparisons between cannabis and other controlled substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, to argue against the necessity of strict cannabis restrictions. He asserts that CSCs play a critical role in public education and perception change. In the ideal future, cannabis will no longer be stigmatised, and CSCs will play an essential role in education.

The club has intentions to openly label cannabis products in an effort to raise awareness in the local community. What is more, CCC Brühl seeks to clarify misconceptions, eliminate disinformation, and encourage healthy cannabis usage by offering information on percentages and consumption recommendations. Additionally, as the club’s impact begins at the age of 18, Steiger outlines plans to promote projects related to industrial hemp.

“It is important that people know what cannabis has to offer besides its recreational use.”

The club aims to shift attitudes, especially within the youth, by showing many uses of cannabis outside of recreational settings. Incorporating hemp into daily life, whether through consuming foods containing hemp seeds or residing in a house partially constructed with hemp materials, might change people’s attitudes.

Bridging the gap

Steiger and the club place a high priority on finding a balance between quality, safety, affordability, and accessibility. Through careful processes like small, diverse batches and hand-crafted cultivation, they aim to preserve the essence of the cannabis plant while ensuring their products are accessible to members. In order to increase the club’s influence, Steiger established Bubatzville after realising the value of a network. Bubatzville is an organisation that promotes cannabis advocacy through research, prevention, community development, and knowledge sharing. Bubatzville can be found on all social networks, such as YouTube. Steiger also talks on the club’s creative ways to work with local government, such as creating apps, in an effort to collaborate proactively. Establishing a safe and effective procedure to confirm the legitimacy of cannabis purchases made through the Cannabis Culture Club is the aim.

To sum up, Sven Steiger stands out as a pioneer in Germany’s evolving cannabis story. The Cannabis Culture Club Brühl might go beyond legalisation: to foster change, dispel myths, and plant the seeds for a more progressive cannabis future. Cannabis Social Clubs should follow the lead in changing people’s attitudes and taking care about their safety. Now education is crucial in order to facilitate change in the near future.


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