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Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Cannabis use vs. microbiome

The impact of cannabis use on the human microbiome is one area of study that is attracting interest. In recent years, cannabis use has been the topic of much research. Many studies concentrate on its effects on the human body. 

How does cannabis influence microbiome?

The microbiome refers to the group of microorganisms that live on and inside the human body. Thus group plays a vital role in maintaining health. A human microbiome lives inside every part of the body, including the skin, mouth, and gut. These microbes are essential for digestion, immune system control, and vitamin synthesis, among other aspects of human health. 

According to recent studies, cannabis usage may significantly affect the human microbiome, particularly in the stomach. Thus, researchers released an investigation into the gut microbiome of 29 healthy adults, including 14 cannabis users and 15 non-users.

They found that cannabis users had a significantly different microbiome composition compared to non-users.  A recent study published on the preprint server medRxiv has shed some light on the topic, suggesting that cannabis use may have a significant impact on the human microbiome. 

Specifically, cannabis users had a smaller number of Bacteroides and a greater number of Parabacteroides, which are two types of bacteria in the gut. According to these studies, cannabis usage may have a major effect on the gut flora, which may have consequences for general health. The production of several metabolites, notably short-chain fatty acids, which have been linked to health advantages, changed in line with these changes in the microbiome. 

Should cannabis users be afraid of the gut?

This study offers some indication that using cannabis may have an impact on the gut flora. However, to fully understand the connection between cannabis and the microbiome, more research is required. Future research may examine the effects of various cannabis strains or consumption methods, such as smoking, vaping, or eating edibles. Additionally, research might look into the evolution of the microbiota in cannabis users over time. 

The microbiome is a complex system, and while certain changes, like a rise in the quantity of helpful bacteria, may be beneficial, others might be dangerous. 

Preliminary data suggests that cannabis usage may affect the gut flora. However, we need more studies to completely understand the nature of this interaction. It is crucial to understand how cannabis affects the human body in all respects, including the microbiome, as its use is more and more popular. One of the major aims of legislation should be to provide safe products and analyse health risks. Thus, higher availability may lead to more research and, eventually, to more knowledge about cannabis use.


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