Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Stricter regulations on light cannabis in Italy

italy light cannabis tax

The government in Italy has put out a proposal to tighten laws governing the sale of light cannabis. This amendment, which was submitted to the Finance Committee in the Chamber, contains provisions relating to taxes, the Customs Agency’s authorisation process for commercialization, and a prohibition on sales to individuals younger than 18 years old.

Upcoming cannabis market changes in Italy

First of all, with this change, Italy will have a taxation system for the cultivation of hemp parts used in smoking or inhalation products. So, the fiscal system for light cannabis will be in line with that of tobacco products. Light cannabis will only be available at state stores or specialist locations. These places must receive specific products permits. The change forbids advertising, vending machine sales, and distance sales in order to limit accessibility.

Moreover, light cannabis will only be able to be sold and commercially produced through approved fiscal deposits. To make sure that the deposits meet manufacturing requirements, increased surveillance will be used on them. The change extends the smoking prohibition to light cannabis, making it illegal to consume it in enclosed spaces, public places near schools and hospitals, as well as in restaurants, in line with current tobacco smoking laws.

Thus, the government’s modification to the fiscal assignment favours consumer health protection. Similar to current regulations for other smoking or inhaling items, products containing cannabis, including light cannabis, will have to include warning labels that underline the health hazards. With this step, customers will be aware of any risks coming from the cannabis use.

Future of light cannabis in Italy

In overall, the Italian government wants to put more limitations on the sale of light cannabis. The government intends to reduce the accessibility of light cannabis to children and protect the public health through taxes, a permission system, and age limits. They want to address concerns about underage access and associated health dangers. The government promotes consumer education and health protection by requiring warning labels on cannabis goods. These laws demonstrate the government’s commitment to balancing cannabis regulation and public safety in Italy.


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