Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Possible changes within medical cannabis in France?

Medical marijuana is still illegal in France, however the government takes actions to develop this market and help patients. With the approval of a new draft law that would permit the cultivation and sale of cannabis for medicinal purposes across the nation, the French government has advanced the legalization of marijuana. While maintaining strict laws and controls to prevent abuse, the proposed law would create a framework for the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of cannabis products for medical purposes. Changes related to medical cannabis in France which by this day were only possible has started to become real.

Changes in France – new perspective on cannabis

The French Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) brought up the question of cannabis once more at the beginning of 2023. The report noted that the current prohibition of cannabis has not been effective. They refered to lack of reducing drug use or drug-related harm. The conclusion was that a new approach was needed. The CESE argued that the decriminalization of cannabis use would allow for a more effective approach to drug policy. They mentioned the one that focuses on harm reduction, prevention, and public health.

CESE has supported the legalization of cannabis for both medical and industrial uses. They also mentioned the decriminalization of cannabis consumption in France. The CESE believes that present drug policy has failed and that decriminalization would enable a more successful strategy. 

CESE’s proposed solutions for cannabis

The proposed law would restrict access to cannabis to those with a prescription. It would require only regulated businesses to cultivate and market it. The proposal would also create a government body to supervise the manufacture and sale of cannabis products and ensure regulatory compliance.

The passage of the proposed bill is viewed as a major step toward the decriminalization of cannabis usage in France. This country has historically been one of the most restrictive nations in Europe. Supporters of cannabis legalization applaud the move. They say that it will open up new economic prospects for the nation while giving patients access to secure and efficient cannabis-based medicines.

The report also highlighted the potential advantages of legalizing cannabis for medical and commercial uses. They include the growth of the economy, the creation of new jobs, and tax income. It was stated that such legalization would also enable the growth of a controlled business. It could guarantee the security and quality of cannabis products while also promoting study into their therapeutic potential. The CESE further contends that by ensuring the quality and safety of cannabis products, legalization could improve public health and safety. All thanks to reducing drug-related crime and violence.

However, the CESE report did recommend a substantial change in France’s drug laws. That would place more emphasis on harm reduction and public health than on prohibition and imprisonment. The CESE’s suggestions are not compulsory, but they have generated discussion and prompted calls for France to change its drug laws. The President Emmanuel Macron has stated that he rejects the legalization of cannabis. But the French government has so far shown resistance to such measures.



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