Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


Malta’s Cannabis Harm Reduction Association initiates distribution

Malta's Cannabis Harm Reduction Association initiates distribution

Malta’s cannabis industry develops – the Cannabis Harm Reduction Association (CHRA 002) has officially commenced full-scale operations, marking an important moment in the regulated distribution of cannabis within the country. Established under the auspices of the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC), CHRA 002 obtained its operating licence in October 2023 and has since undergone rigorous testing to ensure the quality and safety of its products.

CHRA 002: met requirements

The announcement on January 30, 2024, heralds the initiation of cannabis distribution to registered adult members. Notably, CHRA 002 has successfully cleared all mandatory laboratory tests mandated by ARUC, including a comprehensive assessment of parameters. CHRA 002 had to analyse: phytocannabinoid profile, bacterias, yeast and mould, mycotoxins, trace/heavy metal, water activity and moisture.

The stringent testing protocols implemented by ARUC guarantee that cannabis cultivated and distributed by CHRA 002 is free from unwanted contaminants. Each product is easily identifiable through a unique ARUC Label and Seal, providing consumers with assurance of compliance with regulatory standards and stringent quality control measures.

A notable aspect of CHRA 002 and other Cannabis Harm Reduction Associations (CHRAs) is their designation as the sole regulated entities authorised to cultivate and distribute non-medical cannabis with THC levels above 0.2%. This regulatory oversight is designed to ensure that consumers have access to safe and standardised cannabis products while mitigating potential risks associated with unregulated markets.

Not-for-profit cannabis distribution in Malta

The establishment of CHRAs in Malta aligns with the broader objectives outlined in the Convention on Setting the Standards for a not-for-profit Cannabis seed-to-distribution approach. This convention was ratified one year ago. And it underscores a commitment to a public health and harm reduction approach to cannabis regulation. By adhering to these principles, CHRAs also contribute to creating a safer and more transparent cannabis market ecosystem in Malta. What is more, banks in Malta assured cannabis clubs with their support, minimising worries that financial institutions may hesitate to offer services due to potential risks associated with the cannabis industry.

The Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis expresses its satisfaction with the progress made by CHRA 002 in implementing a highly-regulated distribution model. As advocates for responsible cannabis use, ARUC recognizes the importance of establishing robust frameworks that prioritise consumer safety and public health within the Maltese context.

Moving forward, the successful operation of CHRA 002 sets a precedent for other cannabis associations within Malta to follow suit, fostering a culture of accountability and compliance within the industry. With continued collaboration between regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders, and advocacy groups, Malta’s regulated cannabis market can flourish while addressing concerns related to health and safety.

In conclusion, the commencement of cannabis distribution by CHRA 002 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Malta’s regulated cannabis market. By upholding stringent quality standards and prioritising harm reduction, CHRAs contribute to building trust and confidence among consumers while advancing the overarching goals of responsible cannabis regulation within the Maltese jurisdiction.


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