Your latest cannabis business info from Europe

Your latest cannabis business info from Europe


April 2023: what a time for cannabis industry

April 2023 – golden month for cannabis

April is a month of golden dates for the cannabis industry. As we are approaching the end of this month, let’s summarise what happens at that time and why we should celebrate the cannabis april especially in 2023.

20th of April and the history

We all know the date, but where does this number come from? There is one widely accepted explanation for the origin of the number 420. According to. it, the number was a code used by a group of high school students in California in the early 1970s who met to use marijuana around 4:20 pm. The collective, known as “the Waldos,” would use the codeword “420” to refer to either marijuana or the act of smoking it. They apparently selected the timing of 4:20 pm because it was after their after-school activities were over for the day. That was also the time before their parents were home from work.

Even without thee knowledge where “420” came from, it has commonly grown to be a well-known part of marijuana culture. Currently it is frequently used as a sign of solidarity among people who want the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis. April 20th (4/20) has become a popular date for cannabis-related events and activities. Some people observe it as a holiday. Although it originally originated in the United States, “420” has become a symbol of cannabis culture. Many people in Europe  understand and celebrate this date as well.

Cannabis on the Earth Day

Every year on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. As we well know, hemp and cannabis offer great potential for reducing the negative environmental impacts of several businesses.

Every year on April 22, the world celebrate Earth Day as a day to promote sustainability and raise awareness of environmental issues. Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator who was worried about how human activity was causing the environment to deteriorate, launched the inaugural Earth Day in 1970. Since then, Earth Day has grown in importance across the globe.

The encouragement of environmental awareness is one of Earth Day’s primary objectives. The promotion of sustainable living is another significant part of Earth Day. Recent years have seen the emergence of Earth Day as a venue for political activity and legislation. In light of the previously stated, Earth Day can be a fantastic opportunity to promote hemp as a sustainable source that contributes to the fight against the environmental crisis.

World Laboratory Day

This day honors the successes of all laboratory professionals, including those who work in academia, industry, and other sectors. It is observed on April 23rd. We all know that for this market to operate, cannabis testing in labs of analysis is necessary. Additionally, it is a key benefit of legalization. Proper testing results in the presence of trustworthy and safe products on the market. Only on regulated and consistent auction sites is it possible.

To help our understanding of the world, create new technologies, and enhance the quality of life, laboratory specialists from a variety of professions put in a lot of effort. The purpose of World Laboratory Day is to recognize them and to emphasize the significance of laboratory work across a range of disciplines.

Regardless of the industry, laboratory specialists are crucial to knowledge growth, healthcare progress, and a better society. On World Laboratory Day, we have the chance to honor their efforts. The goal is also to motivate younger people to work in the laboratory sciences.


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